Please Stay ((one directin fanfic))

Niall Horan is an international pop sensation, and has stolen the hearts of millions of girls. He has the perfect life, the perfect parents, the perfect friends. But what happens when Niall receives a call from a girl who claims to be Lily Hoarn? His... Twin? Lily is a fun loving girl who has spent six years tracking down Niall and her biogical family. When she meets them, she expects the perfect family reunion, but instead she gets caught up in the drama. "The drama" AKA, Zayne Malik. Zayne says he can provide for her, can love her more then anyone. Will she, disobey her twins wishes and go for it, or give up on love for family.


1. The Call

Niall Horan walked off the stage that night with a smile on his cute as a button face, he skipped into his dressing room and took a seat on a stool shoved in the corner of the large room. He grabbed a large bottle of icy cold FIJI water from his little mini fridge. Inside of it he had some leftover Nanos, and beverages. The cool air from the refrigerator  chilled him to the bone. He sighed happily as the nice icy air washed over him. It felt amazing, and he wasn't about to deny it.


He heard his bandmates laughing outside, and he couldn't stop the smile returning to his face. He loved performing for his fans. It was what he lived for. "I'd be delighted to call you later." Niall's flirtatious bandmate Harry purred outside the door. Niall rolled his eyes at this. There was no doubt that Harry was a MAJOR flirt. He hit on almost every girl who came up to him. The worst part was, Harry had gotten back with Paige Reifler and he was still a player. Or had they broken up? It was hard to tell with Harry.


Liam was on the phone with Sophia blubbering over how much he missed her, Liam had always been... Sensitive when it came to parting away from his girlfriends for tour. This was there last concert for a while now though. Liam was planning on going to the Bahamas with Sophia for a month, Harry was going to spend a good few weeks in England with his mom, Louis was going to visit his sister who was in New Zealand for the time being, and Zayne was going to... Well Niall didn't know what Zayne was going to do to be honest. So... That left Niall. Niall, hadn't really made many plans. He just decided that visiting his mom in Ireland was good enough.


Ironically, his phone began to chirp. Niall fumbled to grab it, reading the caller ID he saw it was a private caller. He knew from experience that it was probably just some crazy fan, but he answered anyway.


"Yellow?" Niall greeted waiting for the other line to respond. All he heard was breathing. It was like some kind of creepy movie. Just as he was about to hang up, a small voice piped up.


"Would this by any chance be, Niall Horan?" The voice on the other end was most definitely female - and shaky.


"Yes. What's your name love?" He asked, not wanting to come off rude to one of his fans. There was a sudden high pitched sound from the other end of the phone - it was a squeak.


"I'm - Isabella. Isabella Hoarn. Your... Twin."

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