Faster Than Furious

A regular racing story with suspense a lot of extra racing sports in winter
ps: swearing in this book is included


1. Chapter 1

First day of skiing

"Hurry up sister we have to go!" yells my anxious and nervous sister named Ally.

"Come on Phoenix they're waiting!" yells in the background, my brother Dustin. I head into the olympic arena championship skiing. Yolo right? i thought to myself before i went down the 200 foot ramp and 50 feet in the air while doing a 360 6 times and landing backwards. I thought "if i die young so be it I'm doing something I'm in love with. Even though I'm 16 i have  a lot of courage." My friends at home are watching me through the television at school with their class and teacher. I took my last push off and crouched down for more speed. I did an incredible 8 360's and landed perfectly. I won, my school sheered as they watched, so did my dad Next week I came to my school, I went from nerd to pro of pros. 

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