My names Violet, I currently live in a orphanage with four other girls. Sarah, Olivia, Jessica and Maddy(my cousin) I'm currently seventeen and hoping that my cousin gets a good home.


2. Adopted

We pulled into the drive way of this huge house, I got and a lady, Who's name was Liz showed me to my room. I got settled down, I put my phone on the charger and started writing in my journal until I heard a knock on the door. I answered it seeing the guy from before and I went back to my bed leaving the door open.

"May I come in?." He said.

"Sure whatever." I said writing in my journal again. He walked in and sat on my bed. "So is there anything that you wanted?." I asked him not looking up from my journal. 

"I like you." He said.

"Already?." I said looking at him this time. He just nodded. "Yeah okaaay." I said going back to writing in my journal. It sounded like he was going to say something but the next thing I know he's lips were on mine. I was surprised at first, but kissed back. 

He smiled at me."The names Luke by the way." 

"Violet." Was all I said. 

"Dinner's ready kids." Liz yelled from down stairs. We went to into the dinning room and sat at the table. There were other guys at the table who looked older then I was. I smiled and ate until I felt Lukes hand on my leg. I was trying so hard to ignore it but he started pulling on my shorts I smacked his hand away and Liz looked at me. "What was that?."She asked me. 

"I had an itch sorry." I said hoping she would believe me and she did. 


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