My names Violet, I currently live in a orphanage with four other girls. Sarah, Olivia, Jessica and Maddy(my cousin) I'm currently seventeen and hoping that my cousin gets a good home.


1. Adopted

I was sitting on my bed writing in the journal that Candy gave me. She's the owner of the orphanage. She's nice to us,Not that many people was as nice as Candy was. I kept writing in my journal until Maddy came in. She looked happy, I figured she was getting adopted. I didn't want her to leave I knew she had to. I'll miss her like crazy she's like my best friend, she's the only family I had close to me.

"Violet guess what."Maddy said with excitement in her voice.

"What?." I asked looking up from my journal to look at Maddy again.

"I'm getting adopted today." Maddy said almost squealing. She had the biggest smile on her face and she normally didn't smile, so that was the first time I saw her smile.

"I'm so happy for you, I'll miss you like crazy but just remember that I love you." I told her while standing up to hug her tightly. Maddy was getting adopted by The Irwin family. She gave me her favorite stuffed animal and then she left. I went back to writing in my journal until Candy came in.

"Violet there's someone who wants to meet you." Candy said opening the door again.

"Okay thanks Candy."I smiled at her and stopped writing in my journal, I grabbed my phone, the stuffed animal and my journal then I walked oh of my room to see this guy who looked to be about 18 typing on his phone.

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