Murderers *Jai Brooks*

A normal girl, who goes to church.
Normal guys, who are wanted criminals.

Will this 'relationship' build them up, or tear them down?

5 crazy boys kidnap poor old Riley when they crash her brother's christmas performance at the church. After a roller-coaster of events take place, she no longer sees them as her kidnapper or murderers. Instead she thinks of them as friends... Or maybe even more.


4. WTF


I woke up in a beautiful room, which I had never seen before...

Then I remembered what happened yesterday... or how ever long ago it was...
My head was pounding, making at almost unbearable to keep my eyes open. I slowly sat up, instantly feeling light headed. I used my arm to keep me up, with the other on my head.
The window, which was practically a wall, had no blinds or curtains, meaning there was no way that I can get rid of the blinding light. I groaned, burying my head into the plump pillow behind my head.

"Rise and Shine sleepy bum, You hit your head really hard and I doubt you will want to get up anytime soon, so I was sent in here to make you." Skip skipped in. (Get it; Skip skipped?)
I moaned and pulled the blankets further over my head. I heard a couple chuckles, that definitely weren't just from Skip. I peaked out and saw all the boys there with smirks on their faces.
I hid back under the covers, not wanting anyone to see me.

I felt a little tug on my foot, before being pulled completely from the bed and onto the floor with a thud.
"OW" I shout and glare at Daniel. He shrugged.
"I was told to make you, You brought it on yourself." He simply said.
"Well, I'm not moving until I heard an apology." I say, folding my arms ad crossing my legs.
"Sorry princess, but if you're planning to get a 'sorry' from Skip, well, good luck." Beau laughed, and all of them sat on the bed that once held my now freezing body.
This was probably going to take a while, but I will stand my ground. I glare at the boy standing still, not daring to look into my eyes. I can be quite intimidating sometimes.
"Look, c'mon, don't act childish." He tried to reason, but I just shook my head and looked away, disowning me until he says sorry.
"Riley!!!!" He sang, but that wasn't going to work. He came and sat on my lap, but I just left him, causing him to groan and the others to laugh.
"Daniel, just say sorry you gremlin!" James shouts, laughing at whatever Skip was doing, still on my lap, but I couldn't see since I was disowning him.
"Aw, Baby Daniel needs a hug!" Luke shouts, running over and jumping on both of us.
Then suddenly I heard Jai shout 'Dog pile' before I felt more weight added to me.

"OK OK OK OK, Riley I'm sorry about pulling you out of bed, just help me please!" He shouts even though our faces are probably closer since we were being squashed.
I smiled, before standing up, through all the people on me, including Skip, then pulling him out.
We laughed at the others that were struggling on the floor, looking like fish out of water.

"Ow! Riley hurt me!" Luke says, standing up and examining his pinky. I snorted a laugh, he turned to look at my, eyes squinting, before he started chasing me.
I ran away, squealing, taking this as my chance to look around and see where exactly I was.
I ran out my door and down the small corridor, turning to the right, into the kitchen. He chased my a round the island in the middle, before I ran back out. I ran straight across into the 'game' room. Again, she chased me around the pool table twice as we gained an audience at the door, videoing and laughing. We both stopped on different sides of the table, and I waited to see which side he will go after me. He quickly shot left so I climbed over the table so I was on the other side, knowing I couldn't run around without him catching me. I stuck my tongue out at him, which makes him mardy and he starts running around the same way, me running to the door and straight into Jai.

I jumped onto him, shouting 'Save me from the crazy twin', gripping onto him for dear life. He chuckles before turning around and running into the living room, a few doors down, locking it behind him. Now it was just us two in the room, everyone else locked out and knocking for us to let them in. I jumped down from him smirking. He must have been strong if he could carry me like that...

"Please let us in... So I can tickle her to death! Mowahahaha!" Luke shouts through the door, making me burst into a fit of giggles.
"It's hard to believe you guys are murderers." I state, sitting down on a blue couch...
"Where are we anyway?" I ask, noticing I'm not anywhere I have been before...
"Oh yeah. Well this is where the magic happens..." He sighs.
"You mean, this is the place where you kill all of your hostages...?" I ask, raising my eyebrow...
"Not exactly..." He trails off. I can no longer hear the boys at the door, so either they've given up, or are listening to our conversation. 
"You seem so comfortable with us, even though we're... killers... Why did you carry on running yesterday?" He questioned.
"Well this is getting depressing faster than I thought." I awkwardly chuckle. He does the same, before sitting down next to me, a little close than I thought he would.
"Tell me Jai? What's the point in having a hostage if you're going to kill them anyway...?" I ask.
"Well, I guess, we need to kill someone every once in a while to keep our reputation. We need people scared of us..." I answered.
"So... You're going to kill me for your reputation?" I ask, stunned that anyone would do that...
"Ermmm..." He drifted off.
"Dude, What the fuck! Who even does that?" I shout, heading to the door.
When I opened it, 4 boys came stubble at my feet... Yes, they were listening to our conversation.
"Oh, wait now I see... You was given the job to tell me that you're all going to kill me, right?" I ask, how can someone do that! I was so pissed right now...
"Well, kill me now if you want!... If not, I'll be in bed!" I hiss, before walking back to that room where I woke up... In a reletively happy mood...

But I guess thats long gone now, I thought as I climbed under the covers... Drifting into a well-needed sleep.

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