Murderers *Jai Brooks*

A normal girl, who goes to church.
Normal guys, who are wanted criminals.

Will this 'relationship' build them up, or tear them down?

5 crazy boys kidnap poor old Riley when they crash her brother's christmas performance at the church. After a roller-coaster of events take place, she no longer sees them as her kidnapper or murderers. Instead she thinks of them as friends... Or maybe even more.


11. Hey there again.


(Heyy, and omg guys! I've been reading some of the comments from you guys and it just got me so excited and wanting to write more, so... WHOO! New chapter :D Enjoy <3)



I struggled against the things restraining me from running the hell away from the place. 

I am annoyed now. I've been sat here alone for the last half and hour because that 'Boss' man tried to call someone but they didn't answer.

Stupid idiot. Why didn't you just answer so I can get the fuck away from this place?

I'm trying to get the tape off of my mouth because I somehow managed to get my hands from behind my back but they were still stuck together with the duck tape. This is fucking hard you know! In all the films I'm like ''Yo man, don't be an ass licker and get the flipping tape off your stinking hands'' like it's the easiest thing in the world... I now feel their pain.

The door silently opened on the other side of the room causing me to stop abruptly.
"Riley?" Shawn whispered even though he could quite clearly see me.
I was about to shout back something like 'Thank the fucking lord' or 'Get me the fuck away from this place', you know... the usual. But no. The stupid shitting duck tape still bound me from talking or even making a noise other than a kangaroo giving birth.
He hurried over to me trying to get the tape to come off of my mouth.

"I'm trying to help you! Stop struggling so much!" He hissed. Shawn is such a sweetheart! Every time I urged him to rip to the tape from my face, he would always stop right before he was going to rip it off and make sure I was ok. It was adorable, but you can't blame me for just wanting this off of me! 


Suddenly, the door flew open revealing a very angry looking 'Boss'. He stormed over shouting at Shawn for disobeying him but I couldn't even comprehend what just happened, all I want is to get this stupid thing off me! My breathing started to get jagged since my nose wasn't exactly letting me breathe like I needed to, and I started coughing. Well, almost.

I tried to scream again, but it only came out as a muffled 'RALAH' like the first 74 times. Yes, I fricking counted. I hadn't realized that only me and the boss was in the room now.

"Did you seriously think he would set you free? Didn't you wonder why he didn't just pull the damn thing off of you?" Boss shouted.
"While you were struggling to get out of the ropes, he was just trying to distract you from what was really going on."

I closed my eyes tightly as I became light headed from not being able to breathe.

 "If you had taken time to stop and think, then you wouldn't be tied to a bomb that will go off as soon as I press this button." He screamed in my face. I see the box in his hand and start to get worried, but I tried to not let it show.

"What? Did you really think you could trust him? He is here for a reason! We all are." As he told me this, I made a mental note to not trust anyone that I don't know again,

"Now that this is done with, it's time to get on with that little conversation I was talking about earlier."

 Boss man took out his laptop and placed it on the coffee table and logged in to Skype and clicked onto the only name, out of the 5 weirdest names in the world, that was online.
But seriously, who would call their account Apple Bobby, or Cheese McQueen? That's something I wouldn't suspect to be happening to a bunch of, who I am assuming, murderers.

Before I had even had chance to see the conversation between Boss and Apple Bobby, he had clicked on the video call button. Does he not understand that I am right in the middle of the shot, instead if him? Stupid idiot.



Suddenly, a masked face appeared on the screen, scaring the crap out of me that I almost fell off of the sofa.

"Is this the one you was talking to me about?" I heard boss say to the mysterious guy on the other side of the screen that was stopping me from ripping that god damn mask off his face. Well, that and the ropes tying my hands behind my back.

This caused me to let out and groan before realizing what I was doing. Boss and Apple Bobby turned their heads to look at me before continuing their conversation.
"That's her, I will see to it that you get what we agreed on. I will send for someone to pick her up in the morning. Until then, make sure you keep her safe, or the deal's off."
I groaned again, intentionally this time, annoyed with how no one was letting me know about anything that was happening. Even though, this wasn't the first time this happened.

Boss man rolled his eyes before stripping the tape from my face, painfully I might add.

"What the hell man! Do you not understand the concept of kidnapping someone!? Well, you have it all wrong mister! If would have done this all professionally, then I would be laying in a bed of fluffy covers and silk pillows! But no! I'm stuck here with you taped up, talking to this scary man who's mask is covering his probably hideous face!"

I didn't even realize that half way through my rant that masked man took off his mask and now I was left staring at...





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