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15. You & I Fragrance Review!



One Direction's new Fragrance, "You & I" was just released in the U.S. today!

I think this is the best fragrance they've ever made! There are reasons for it.



1. The box is so beautiful with their faces X)

2. The shape of the new bottle is amazing!

3. A thank you letter was written by the boys that came inside before opening up the box fully.

4. The smell of it is like heaven (although I think it's more for an older teen)!


5. The amaZAYN, phenomeNiall, extrodinHARRY, and fabLOUIS idea of having a little special gift that comes with the bottle is....the ring! What a briLIAM idea boys! 


Besides from the new fragrance, the ring was the most exciting part for me. For some fans they may think of it as being married to the boys, (and I do think that too ;) at times) but for me it's a symbol of friendship. We've grown up with the boys over the years and it's been one crazy rollercoaster!


I hope you all love the fragrance as much as I do! <3


If you've bought or have smelled the fragrance before, tell me what you think of it in the comments!

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