Dream House

"Welcome to the dream house, your stay is permanent." -Harry Styles


1. Welcome


     There he stood, hands behind his back as he paced back and forth. "How did you get her?" His accent was thick as he spoke. The man that held me in a tight grip loosened my arms a little to where I could rub my wrists from where the rope burned. The cloth wrapped to where I was biting down on it, forced not to speak. "She was crying infront of a flat, nobody will care if she is missing."

                   The man nodded, his curly hair slicked back. "Get her into a dress, then I can give her a tour." He smiled crookedly to me, his teeth to white to even be real. The man let me go, I stumbled down to the ground from the loss of contact. "Perrie!" The man yelled across the room, I struggled to get up.


                        "Yes sir." The blonde girl walked next to him, both glancing down at me. "Get her into a dress for Mr. Styles." she nodded in response picking me up by the elbow. A few stifled groans fell from my mouth, her grip on my arm loosened as we entered a room stored with dresses. She tugged at the rope that held my wrists.

"I'm Perrie, please don't cry." I hadn't noticed until the tears rolled down my cheek.

Why wouldn't I be crying?

I've been kidnapped, I have no clue where i'm at, and this damn cloth is still in my mouth.


                     "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." She whispered. She took the cloth from my mouth, tossing it in a bin. I looked down at my clothes, seeing them torn and ripped. I let out soft whimpers, letting the tears roll down."Crying won't help you know, take those clothes off." She started looking through racks of dresses. I shook my head, taking a step away from her.


                            "Please, it will make it easier for the both of us." She let out a sigh. "Please, i'll explain everything later." I nodded in response, pulling off the shirt, and pushing down the trousers.


She handed me a dress, the silk felt warm against my skin as I tugged it down my body with the help of Perrie. She fabric clunged to skin, she toll at the bottom spreading out. I bowed my head down as Perrie put necklaces on me. She laced the back of my dress.


                "Here put this on." She handed me a pair of lace tights, I slipped both of my legs through pulling them up under my dress. She next handed me a pair of heels higher then I could imagine. I tightened the strap taking a few steps in them. After Perrie Perrie doing my hair and makeup I was finally to make an appearance.


    “Here’s some advice, don’t disagree with Mr. Styles. Give him what he wants and he won’t touch you, harmfully at least.” I nodded, absorbing the advice that was given.


I walked down the stairs to see a tall figure.


    “Welcome to the dream house, your stay is permanent.” He grinned, dimples poking out.

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