Dream House

"Welcome to the dream house, your stay is permanent." -Harry Styles


3. Punishment

"Don't provoke me." His voice seethed through my ear as his body was pressed to mine against me. I pressed my hands against his chest, pushing him away. Right before I could slip away from him, his large hands grabbed at my pale wrists. "Those who don't obey my rules will be punished."

My hands shaken with fear as he pulled my wrist towards the grand set of stairs, he pushed me up each step. Going higher then usual, he stopped in front of two large wooden doors. Pushing it open he shoved me inside. "I'm going to let this one slide, but one thing you need to know is..."


I nodded my head to continue.

"I love all my dolls, and all my dolls love me." A crooked grin took over his face as he stepped closer to me.

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