Dream House

"Welcome to the dream house, your stay is permanent." -Harry Styles


2. Provoke

                I took in a deep breath and followed Perrie's advice. I took one more step tell we were on the same level, even in heels he still towered over me. "Come here." his voice was stern as he motioned for me to come towards him. "I said come here." His voice was slightly more raised. I took small steps towards him tell he took matters into his own hands by stepping forward and pulling me towards him. 

               His snaked his arm around me, pulling me to his side. "Lets go take a tour, then I can explain things on the way." I nodded, shifting uncomfortably in his arms. 


                We walked up the grand stairs, Mr. Styles opening the first door. "This is our kitchen." He pushed me in, the coloring of green followed the white panels on the wall. Its was cozy and large at the same time. 

                   "Mr. Styles?" I called his name, his head snapping towards me, his face soften as he took a stride towards me. "Yes my love." He pulled my chin towards him, I took his hand away from me. 

                       "Why, why am I here?" I asked taking a step back towards the table as it hit my bum. "Because your mine, and whats mine belongs with me." his teeth were clenched as he took a step towards me. "I'm not yours, and I never will be." I furrowed my eyebrows. I don't now were all this confidence came from but its working. 


"Don't provoke me." His voiced seethed through my ear as his body was pressed to mine against me.

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