True Love (Klaus Mikaleson and Sookie Stackhouse FanFiction)


1. New In Town

I looked over to see a strange man walk into the bar as if he was on a mission. He coincidently walked over to my section. I slowly walked over to him and smiled slightly.

"What can I get you today?" I asked overly cheerful.

"You don't by any chance know where there are any werewolves, do you?" He asked raising an eyebrow. He had a very strong British accent...

I decided it would be smart to see why he wanted to know. I know! Invading people's privacy is bad, but I don't want any of my friends to get hurt. I let my guard down to find a strange mixture. It was part werewolf and part vampire... I could find an odd word.

Red Necks.... Pretty.... Hybrids... Dopplaganger.... Caroline....

My eyes widen a little. Would it be smart to tell him? I decided to give a vague answer.

"Maybe, whom is asking?" I asked.

"Niklaus Mikaleson. Do I get the pleasure of knowing your name, love?"

Niklaus Mikaleson... Niklaus Mikaleson... I've heard that name before. Where?

Then it came to me!

"You don't by any chance know a vampire by the name of Eric Northman, do you?"

"Yes, why?" Niklaus asked.

"If you really want answers, I'm sure he will be a lot more willing to give you answers."

"And where might I find him?"

"There's a club in Shreveport called "Fangtasia" he will defiantly be there," I answered smiling.

"Why thank you miss..." he trailed off.

"Stackhouse, Sookie Stackhouse," I answered with a ghost smile on my face.

"Thank you, Miss Stackhouse. I hope we see each other again."

And with that he walked away... Is it wrong that I wished he was still in front of me? Probably.

"Back to work," I mumbled to myself.

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