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1. red wings

I wake up to my white sheets stained red with blood great it my period. But for some reason my boyfriend just stares at me but not a normal stare a I want you stare. He slowly raps is figure around my bloody panties and pulls down to find a gross slimy mess.

Slowly he kisses my pantie line a licks all the blood from the top of my pussy. He keeps moving down tell he has sucked the blood from the top and side of my pussy and clit but has not opened my flaps yet.

Why I let him do this I don't know I thank I was intrigued buy him wanting my bloody pussy?

Now that he has a taste for my new taste and sent he slowly opens my lips and gives on along lick. Then he goes fucking crazy he dogs his face in he gets every single drop he even sucked it from my panties and licked the puddle on the sheets.

Once I cum and relax for like 20 minutes he jumps off the bed and runs down stares comes back with chocolate sauce and ready wip.

He pulls my legs up over my head and puts the ready wip jar in my vagina as it squirts out after im full he covers my slit and adds chocolate sauce.

I have never came so many times in my life he was rough forcefull u was cumming and screaming we did this for hours it was amazing

If your girl friend or boyfriend has got there red wings text me at 850-238-7726 and tell me about it also feel free to send pictures or if u just wanna talk I'm always here

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