It Must Be Fate

Zayn Malik is in the band One Direction,

He has everything...the looks, the voice, the popularity, his 4 best friends and a cute personality,

The one thing he doesn't have is the perfect girl,

After a horrible experience with his ex Perrie...Will Zayn ever love again??

What will happen when Lilly comes into the scene,

Will fate bring them together...forever

The only thing that's stopping Zayn is....she's dating Harry,

Will Harry get heartbroken? Will she fall for Zayn or stay with Harry?


3. Perrie


Zayn's P.O.V


'Knock knock'

Grunting I finally decide to open the door, that’s the fourth time someone has knocked on my door, they woke me up the first time but I couldn't be bothered to open the door but now it was just getting annoying.

"What do you want?!' I ask swinging the door open, I was annoyed, everyone knows how I hate being woken up but once I saw Lilly stood there a bit scared I suddenly felt bad.

"Oh hey sorry, I didn't realise it was you, I thought it was Niall, I didn't mean to frighten you" I say and smile.

"Oh it’s okay, the others told me to come wake you, and they said whenever they try to get you up you hurt them" She giggles

"Okay, tell them I will be down once I have had a shower and got ready"

"Okay" She waves as she walks away


After I was showered and ready I started to make my way down the stairs of mine and the boys’ house, where everyone was sat in the living room waiting for me.

“What is so important you had to awaken me from my slumber?” I ask while throwing my body onto the empty seat on the sofa.

“We all want to go out and spend some time with each other and that includes you” Harry explained.

“Well I would love to join you but I already have plans for today sorry” I say while getting up and making my way to the kitchen...Harry following behind me...

“What the hell do you think you are playing at?” Harry demands

“Well I’m sorry but I didn’t know anything about this little outing and already made plans” I answer

“And I bet you are going to meet Perrie because come on who else do you speak to besides us lot?” Harry asks.

“Even if I am, I don’t see why it would be any of your business, I am 21 I can make my own decisions” I exclaim and walk past him through the living room where everyone else is and out the front door, slamming it shut behind me.

The walk to Starbuck’s must have taken me a matter of 5 minutes considering it was only a few blocks away from where we lived. It was only half 12 and I was surprised to see the familiar blonde who believe it or not I used to be obsessed with sat in our booth that we always used to sit it when we came here.

Walking through the doors the familiar scent reached my nose instantly, and I walked over to our booth to greet her...

“Hey” Once the words left my mouth her head shot up at the sound of my voice.

“Hiya, long time no see stranger” She replied while standing up to give me hug, I returned the gesture but to be quite honest I didn’t really want to.

“How have you been?” I ask awkwardly.

“I’ve been okay I guess, I would of been better if you were still mine” She said and her gaze left mine and went to the floor.

“Well I would have still been with you if you didn’t ruin it Perrie” I reply, the memory of walking in on her having sex with my old best friend enters my mind and I shake my head to get rid of the memory I hate remembering.

“I know and I have told you so many times how sorry I am and I have practically begged for your forgiveness Zayn, but you just keep being stubborn, we need to move on from this babe, it has been over 6 months now since everything happened and I know that you probably don’t trust me but Zayn I can and will prove to you that you can trust me again, I want us back to how it used to be” She pleaded.

“You just don’t get it Perrie, put yourself into my shoes and see from my perspective, would you be able to forgive me if you walked in on me and one of your best friends, say Jade, at it like rabbits in our bed? I know for a fact that you wouldn’t want me anywhere near you. Perrie I do love you, I honestly do but it is so hard to trust you again knowing exactly what you are capable of. I mean come on Perrie you threw us away, if you didn’t do what you did babe we could be married right now but what is a relationship without trust babe...nothing there is no point to it and you can keep trying to prove that you are trustworthy again but I just don’t think I can handle trusting you again and the past repeating itself, yeah fair enough we can be friends and hang out like we used to when we were teenagers and be crazy like we used to be but a relationship is a no.” I say while grabbing her hands as tears started streaming down her I feel bad...

“Babe I understand you and I would love for us to be friends again but right now I don’t think I can handle seeing you and knowing that you aren’t mine, I love you so much and it’s not possible for us to be friends that love each other so if there can’t be an us then I think it is best we just go our separate ways, forget each other existed and just carry on with our separate lives, I mean we did it for six months, I’m sure we can do it forever” She replied, before she leaves the brings out hands up to her tear stained face and kisses my hand softly and lets go, she then stands up leaving the table and leans over the table and kisses my cheek...”I love you and I’m sorry” before leaving Starbuck’s completely...I just watched the love of my life leave and there was nothing I could do, we obviously wasn’t meant to be...

After 5 minutes of being sat at ‘our’ booth I decided to leave too and took a slow 10 minute walk back to the house. Walking in I noticed it was completely silent so everyone must have gone out. I decided to go get something quick to eat and just sit and watch TV till everyone came back.

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