It Must Be Fate

Zayn Malik is in the band One Direction,

He has everything...the looks, the voice, the popularity, his 4 best friends and a cute personality,

The one thing he doesn't have is the perfect girl,

After a horrible experience with his ex Perrie...Will Zayn ever love again??

What will happen when Lilly comes into the scene,

Will fate bring them together...forever

The only thing that's stopping Zayn is....she's dating Harry,

Will Harry get heartbroken? Will she fall for Zayn or stay with Harry?


2. Meeting him

Lilly's P.O.V (At Nandos)


Looking over at Harry and Louis I couldn't help but giggle, they’re really close, you can tell by the way they act together, they had such a strong bond that no one, not even I could replace...

To be honest I really like Harry, I don't know if we will last for a long time though, I think our relationship is mainly lust not love, but one day hopefully I will love him.


"Hey I'm Zayn" A deep husky voice greeted beside me and I saw Zayn's big brown eyes staring at me, realising he had his hand out for me to shake I snapped back into reality and shook his hand "Lilly, nice to meet you." Shaking his hand I was shocked when bolts of electricity seeped through my body and I stepped back slightly from the shock.

"Are they always like this" I asked pointing to Harry and Louis, I was trying to keep the conversation going so I didn't seem shy because I'm not, I just don't want them to think that because once I start coming out of my shell they might be a bit shocked at my personality, Harry was... "Pretty much" he replied back and I couldn't help but laugh and Zayn started laughing with me too. Aww.

We both walked over to Niall and Liam at the table, Louis and Harry joining us a few minutes after, we ordered and once everyone was finished eating we decided to head back to the hotel.






"Let’s watch a movie!" Louis shouted.

"Can we watch Toy story? I haven't watched it all week!" Liam asked.

"Fine" Everyone mumbled, I don't see why they don't like Toy story it’s an amazing film. "What’s wrong guys why don't you want to watch Toy’s one of my favourite films" I questioned

"Yesss!! Harry you have to marry this girl!" Liam screamed and I couldn't help but laugh as he put the disc in.






Halfway through the movie everyone but me and Liam were fast asleep.

Once the movie had finished me and Liam began waking everyone up for pizza, we woke everyone up but Zayn so I walked over to him to shake him and everyone shot up. "No don't wake him up he will hurt you..." Niall told me.

"I've got this, why don't you guys go get a pizza quickly and I'll try wake him up, he won't hurt me, if he swings at me once I'll back away and leave him.." Everyone’s faces relaxed and they all walked into the kitchen...



"Zayn...........Zayn............Zayn...........wake up pizza is here" I whispered while shaking him slightly, his eyes opened half way and once he saw who it was he sat up, "What time is it?" he asked, "Erm half kind of zoned out when the film was on" I giggled, he looks so sexy when he has just woken up. Lilly stop thinking like that you have Harry! "Oh well we best get into the kitchen because the boys will be wondering where we go to plus I'm hungry...I need pizza" I giggled again and we both walked into the kitchen.

 "Oh. My. God. I can't believe he didn't hurt you...he hurt me this morning when I woke him up!" Niall said. "Sorry about that have to admit though it was pretty funny" Zayn said while laughing, "I suppose but I'm never waking you up again!" Niall replied and I couldn't help but giggle.

I walked over to Harry and plopped onto his lap. "Hey baby" he whispered in my ear, I giggled again...god I must have the giggles or something, "Hey" I whispered back. We started laughing and having a joke when Zayn spoke telling us he was going to bed, before he walked away I saw something in his eyes and I couldn't figure out what it was, as he left the room I felt someone poke my side, I turned around and smashed my lips to his, I turned so I was straddling him and we kept kissing.

"EWWWWWW Why?? OMG Harry first of all you cheat on me now you sit in front of me making babies with her?! EWWWWW" Louis screeched, me and Harry pulled away and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Sorry Lou, well anyway we are going to bed, night guys" Harry told the others.


"And try to keep it quiet" Liam told us while winking at us, Harry picked me up bridal style and took me to the room, we cuddled up in the covers and we were laid there 5 minutes and I heard soft snores coming from Harry, I laid my head on his chest and fell asleep listening to his heart beat....



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