Running water

Bullied and beaten these two are both scared but when there lullaby plays they forget all the hurt and become running warter Strong and swift.


4. chapter 4: lullaby comes back

I was grounded for 2 not to bad I looked over to my wall I called it my wall of memorise because they were pictures of my life before dad's accident life when I was happy living on a ranch and riding the animals I love and will love forever but one picture I loved looking at it was a picture of me and my dad double bear back riding. He had his arms wrapped around me I was holding the neck rope I looked so happy I all ways was on a horse I always smiled I hadn't ridden in six years last time I rode I was 11 or 10 I missed that feeling of being free and one with my horse I missed my ranch but mum shut it down after dad died. We still Owen it but the only thing that's still in there is dads hope chest all of our tack and mouldy hay no horses no life

Then I heard my lullaby I smiled and grabbed my boots pulling them on I climbed out the window onto the garage roof and jumped off then I ran to the stables and called for lullaby and she replied.

I smiled as I watched her come out of the barn she trotted up to me. I felt so touched she had gone through hell and back but she was still able to trust me. I reached out my hand and placed my hand on her face she relaxed as soon as I touched her. I took a step towards her she lifted her head up and turned away no don't go I whispered she stopped I ran into the barn and grabbed a old head collar. But when I got back outside she had gone I sat down and looked around the dark barn why was I here?

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