Running water

Bullied and beaten these two are both scared but when there lullaby plays they forget all the hurt and become running warter Strong and swift.


3. chapter 3: monster horse

He approached me he had a cigaret in his hand I watched the smoke swirl around then vanish just like my lullaby. He looked me in the eye he had this cold feeling about him he spoke his voice was deep and rough but the only word he could get out was have then my mum came running out For gods sake Sam we have to..... She trailed off when she saw the man. Sam go to your room

But no buts NOW!!! I hated it when she shouted I gave one last look at the man then rushed off to my room. Mum was talking to the man for a long time. When he finally drove off I relized a sticker on the back of his trailer it said monster horse I recognised the name but mums voice cut like a knife through my thoughts I knew what was coming I shrugged it was coming i dragged myself down stairs and waited for mum to go nuts.

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