Running water

Bullied and beaten these two are both scared but when there lullaby plays they forget all the hurt and become running warter Strong and swift.


2. chapter 2: my lullaby

The lullaby made my fear vanish. The horse was skinny and Bethan no light in her eyes the wooden fence seemed to separate light from darkness I was in light but the horse was in darkness and she was trying to reach the light. Our lullaby was broken by the sound of a car roaring up the road the horse vanished I screamed and then I started crying my fear was back it was stronger than before. The car stopped outside our gates a tall dark figure loomed in the black range rover there was a horse trailer attached I knew they were looking for my lullaby I was angry and upset they let her get so skinny and they beat her the anger grew and grew. At last he emerged from the dark car I took a step back from the gate.

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