Running water

Bullied and beaten these two are both scared but when there lullaby plays they forget all the hurt and become running warter Strong and swift.


1. chapter 1:lost souls

I was walking home from school to day had been crap. As if bulling was enough now I am getting blamed for something I didn't do! The headmaster phoned my mum she is going to blow. Half way home and my heart is pounding I kept having this strange feeling. After a while I started to jog and then I broke into a run I was terrified but what of??? I got home climbed over the gate. Even though I was home I was still scared but what was I scared of? Maybe I was scared of getting told off I sighed it's now or never I mutter to myself. I take one step towards the rusty old farm house and then I hear a terrified scream. I turn round the hairs on my neck and arm stand up on end I can hear something running down the concrete road I close my eyes and then I hear something different not a scream or a shout but I hear a lullaby I open my eyes and there standing in front of me is

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