Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


7. Leo

Chapter VII



It felt kinda weird having someone else in the machine room. Like she was invading my privat place. Not that I had my underwear lying around or anything, but I had talked to myself and the machines about pretty much anyone, or anything.

I knew the machines weren't gonna gossip, they were way too nice to do that. But it still felt like she was looking straight through me.

"So, do you have, like, a main control board or something?" She asked hesitantly, breaking the silence.

"Uhm, yes, right here" I said, pointing to the control board at the right of the entrance. She walked over, and let her fingers glide over it, lightly touching some of the buttons, reading all the abbreviations I had written underneath.

"What does W/H mean?" She asked, looking up at me with big eyes, somehow seeming calmer than she had all day.

"Umm, it's water-heat? I didn't want the general heat of the ship to be combined with the heat of the water in case something went wrong" I scratched the back of my head, thinking she was gonna judge me or something. She just nodded, and started walking towards the engine of the ship.

"That's not stupid, Valdez" I followed her, cringing on the inside whenever she touched something. Not that I was scared she was gonna break anything, but no one had touched my ship since we were back at Camp, and back then, it had been my siblings.

"Can you explain to me, really simply how the engine works?" She was leaning on the rail, looking at the six feet we had below us. 

"Okay, so there's the fuel, here it's some magical kind of reusable gas they had at bunker nine" I pointed to the huge moving steel rod.

"And the gas is constantly heated in the little chamber, to the point of explosion, which pushes the big cylinder down, and when it gets pushed down, it pushes a bunch of other things, and it creates enough kinetic energy to keep us flying"

She nodded impressed.

"Actually, we're flying on about 60 percent engine and 40 percent magic" She nodded and let out a small laugh.

"Something funny to you, Tara?" I asked, not completely able to keep the accusation out of my voice.

She smiled at me in a way that made me very uneasy.


I nodded.

"Still getting used to it?" She shook her head.

"No, I don't really remember anything else, it's just" She leaned backwards, still holding on to the rail.

"I can't explain it, it's just like something suddenly makes sense? Like this answers a bunch of questions I never even asked" I wasn't really sure I actually understood, but I nodded.

"Maybe you were always meant to be here. In this world, I mean" She squinted her eyes.

"Yeah, you know what, I think I was. This feels like the right thing!"

She smiled at me, in a way that seemed so happy and innocent. 

We looked at each other in silence for a few seconds, and then I caught a glimpse of the watch that hung on the wall behind her head.

"Oh shoot, it's getting late and we have the first guard shift tomorrow!" She looked up at the watch.

"I've taken two naps today, I wouldn't mind watching a good movie right now" I looked at her, with a calculating stare.

"The only rooms with any kind of movie-watching devices are my room and the common-room"

"Would you watch a movie with me?" She looked surprised and hopeful.

"Sure! How do you feel about star-wars? It's been a while since I watched the triology" She furrowed her brows, and looked deep in thought.

"I.. Star Wars" She looked down, and pouted her lips, while squinting her eyes

"Star wars!" She looked up, and her eyes were bright with remembrance.

"I remember a face from star wars! I remember Han!"

It was almost too god to be true, that Star Wars was the treatment that would help Tara, but hey, if that's it, I'll gladly be a good shipmate and watch them all with her.

"Maybe seeing the movies will trigger your memory in some way?" She looked doubtful.

"It's worth a try!" And she ran up the stairs with a lot more energy than she should have, considering it was elevenPM.

"I'll make some popcorn, just go to the common room" She stood still for a moment, but then seemed to remember where the common-room was.

I walked into the kitchen, and took two packs of microwave popcorn, and brought them, along with the microwave, into the common-room. When I got in there, Tara was already sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

"You ready for three of the best movies you will ever watch?" She laughed at me, and nodded eagerly.

She started sniffing the air as the popcorns were popping, and I laughed with my back turned, since I was starting up the DVD-player.

"Soon Coach Hedge will smell it and come down here" I snorted to myself. I grabbed the remote for the DVD-player and TV, but when I turned around, Tara had already fallen asleep.

I chuckled, and grabbed another blanket to put over her. She suddenly stirred, and looked at me with eyes wide awake.

"Oh, was that another flashback?" She nodded, and pulled the extra blanket closer, not even noticing I had put it there.

"More like, bits of memories from different places and times" She rubbed her eyes.

"The smell of popcorn, I'm playing Playstation with my brother, watching old movies with my grandparents, watching the Disney christmas show on christmas day." She straightened up and looked up at the TV.

"Always enough to give me an idea of where I am, never enough for me to remember something important. Like, my mothers name, or my favorite book" I sat down on the couch, in the opposite corner of her, with my own thin blanket. I don't really get cold, so I just wear them for the coziness.

"Do you wanna just.. sleep?" I asked, searching her face for a tell.

"I'm not tired-" She said, taking one of the popcorn-packets from me.

"Let's just watch the movie, Valdez" She stuffed a handful of popcorn in her mouth, and smile at me so I could see them. I laughed, and pressed the play button on the remote.

I was a little tired, but not too tired to hum along to the tune.

She was watching it for the first time, and I wanted to see her reaction. Her eyes were glued to the screen, right from the moment I saw "In a galaxy far away" Reflected in her wondering eyes.

She fell asleep halfway through the second movie, and I followed tail shortly after.

My last thought as I closed my eyes was "She didn't even mind my geeky comments" And then we slept, curled together in each our corner of the sofa.


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