Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


5. Frank


Chapter V




When Hazel decided, to go out for a random stroll with her horse, I wanted to protest. But her tight grip on her ​gladius, kept me from doing any such thing.  Leo and Piper were on deck-duty. The new girl was just walking around, bonding with Piper, singing and keeping the spirits up. I decide to do something useful, and take a nap. My next shift would be in three hours. As I walked into my room, I silently thanked Leo for putting personal bathrooms next to every room. Across the room from my desk, there was a door, leading to a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. It wasn't luxurious, but it was nice not having to share that

I quickly showered, and got dressed in new clothes. Sighing, I walked out of my bathroom, and nearly got a heart-attack. In my desk-chair, was the new girl. She was sitting with her back against me. Then she started to spin the chair.

"Mr. Zhang... I've been expecting you" As she dramatically spinned towards me, somehow the chair kept spinning. And she wound up, facing my desk. She sighed, and spun the chair to face me.

Smiling, I crossed my arms.

"Would you mind telling me, why you're in my room?" I asked.

​"They didn't need me on deck, so they said, that I could ask you to give me a tour of the ship?" I looked longingly at my bed for a second. So much for that nap.

"Sure!" I then said.

"This is my room-" I gestured to the room.

"And that's my bathroom-" I pointed to the door.

"Everyone has their own room, with an adjoining bathroom." She nodded.

I walked out of my room, and started walking down the hall,

"These are the sleeping quarters-" I pointed out everyones roms as we walked past them.

"And in here is the dining room-" I said as I opened the door.

"There is a kitchen down there, and Leo made the walls, so that they portray the greek camp" I walked out of the kitchen, and pointed down a small spiral staircase.

"Looks like a fire escape" Tara said, with her brows furrowed.

"It's the engine room, I'll let Leo take that tour with you. I guess you also have the normal Hephaestus skills?" I looked questioningly at her, while leading her to the common-room. 

"Umm, I haven't exactly had a chance to tinker, in the last three hours, but.." Her face contracted.

"Do they have to yell at each other all the time?" I looked at her, puzzled.

"Who?" She massaged her temple and looked up at me;

"Your dads! They're driving me nuts!" I listened. My dads' screaming was distant, and not very loud. But Tara looked like I had felt, since they started their fighting. Was this girl inside my head?

"What are you doing?" I suspiciously asked. She took her hands up to cover her ears, and then shook her head.

"Are you inside my head?" I heard the obvious panic in my head, but apparently she didn't.

"I don't know" Her voice sounded pathetic. I tightly gripped her shoulders, forcing her to look me in the eyes.

"Tara! What is happening?!" My voice was stern. She gripped her head one more time and whimpered.

"Who's having these nightmares?!" She sounded frustrated, she started to walk around, like a crazy person. 

She absentmindedly walked into a wall, then she curled together on the floor in fetal position, and then she jumped up, and was walking around again. Her eyes were flickering. She was shallowly looking at me. As if she saw something entirely else. She was hyperventilating. She didn't even see me anymore.

Next thing I knew, she was sitting on the floor, hugging her knees, rocking back and forth. 

"Get me out of here" She whispered to herself. I shook her shoulders. I wanted to yell at her, to snap her out of it, but I had a feeling it wouldn't do a whole lot of good. That's when I called for coach Hedge. And that's when Tara started screaming. 

Apparently her scream woke Nico (Who had been taking a nap in his room) up, and Jason came running from gods-know-where. 

Piper stuck her head in, from the deck above.

"What's happening?!" I didn't know who had asked, but it mattered, because I couldn't speak, I was just looking at the girl in front of me. Everybody were quiet, when Tara all of a sudden yelled:

"SHUT UP!" Out of nowhere. Then she gripped her head again, and I thought she was crying. 

Then she looked up.

Her eyes were wild and her breath was ragged. She looked around like a deer caught in the headlights. She stood up and dusted herself off. 

Nico walked over to her

"Was it a flashback?" Tara looked confused and scared to death. She furrowed her brows and shook her head. then she nodded, then she shook it again,

"It's- I-" Then she sighed.

"The gods of pain and suffering blessed me. My guess is, that I'm supposed to carry your pain and burdens in stead of you" Nico looked absolutely horrified.

"Did you... See anything? Hear anything?" She nodded, then shook her head.

"It was more a feeling, like, I couldn't breathe, and I couldn't see, and, I was all alone" She looked up at me, her eyes questioning. I almost unnoticeably shook my head, thinking 'Don't tell them about my dads' as loud as I could. It seemed she got the hint.

"Sorry I woke you, di Angelo" Nico shrugged it off. She looked around at everybody.

"Soooo.. This is awkward?" Nobody knew what to say, 

Nico still looked completely horrified. But he managed to shake it of. Then he turned to me.

"Where's Hazel?" I shifted uncormfortably.

"She went out to meet Hecate at a crossroad" Nico stiffened. 

"Do you know how few demigods survive that?!" It seemed like the shadows in the room contracted, and I shifted uncomfortably again.

"Hazel can take care of herself" Tara had stepped in between me an Nico. 

"Di Angelo, would you maybe show me how to do some shadow traveling?" Tara asked, completely changing the subject. Nico stared at her.

"Can you do that?" She shrugged.

"Worth a try, right?" And then they walked out. 

I leaned against the wall, and Piper looked at me with concern. 

"Get some sleep, Frank, I'll wake you up when Hazel comes back"

I nodded and walked to my room. My dads voices were getting louder.

Sleeping was not gonna be easy.



A/N *Sigh* another short chapter, sorryyy

stay tuned goergoues ppl

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