Tell me how you feel. A short introduction

This is a short introduction to my fictional story about Marcus, Lucas and Maria. Three assassins in 1980s England, trying to fight for revenge and a greater good.


4. Outburst



Marcus and Maria just sat there, looking at each other. Maria's mind had already wandered off to the bedroom with him, whereas Marcus was trying to find the right words to express his emotions. Desperation. Frustration. Anger. Rage. Bloodlust. Justice. Revenge. Loneliness.

None of the words in the English vocabulary could cover what he had gone through. He tried his hardest to explain to Maria what he was feeling, but he could hardly open his mouth. The pictures in his mind; the memories that were burned onto his retina. His eyes were filling with tears, and suddenly they just overflowed with salt water, running down his cheeks and chin. He wasn't crying in the sense that his face would shiver and his breathing would be shallow. No - just the tears. Nothing else.


Maria was ripped out of her bedroom fantasies with Marcus when she saw the tears hitting his shoes. She hadn't noticed, because there was no change in his breathing pattern, his movements or his state of mind. The tears where just pouring out of him. Lucas came back up from the basement and saw Maria with her hand on Marcus' shoulder, trying to comfort him.


Lucas dashed as quickly as he could over to them and pulled Marias hand away in one quick move. Maria, shocked by Lucas' reaction, flew out of her chair and jumped back. Lucas grabbed Marcus, pulled him out of the chair, and started to walk him downstairs to the basement. The basement was where the firing range, the climbing walls and the padded floor for martial arts were located, but also most of the brothers' arsenal of weapons, including everything from firearms - old as well as new, - swords, knives, spears and axes. On his way down, with his older brother on his shoulder, Lucas heard Maria's voice yelling "he needs to talk about it, otherwise he'll never get over it!", but Lucas ignored her and continued down the staircase.


He put Marcus in the middle of the 3D firing range, and put a loaded 45cal. 1911 Colt pistol in his hands, before running back upstairs to explain what was happening to Maria.

"We tried talking about it", Lucas said. "We took him to the best psychiatrists in the country. In fact, the best in all of western Europe. Nothing worked. Whenever someone tries to get him to talk about it, one of two things will happen. Either he closes off and no one is able to get in contact with him for hours, sometimes days, or he kills the nearest person. Consider yourself lucky; he seems to like you a lot." Maria stood there, almost in shock. She was interrupted mid-thought by the sound of gunshots downstairs.

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