The twins

A small village in Dorset, two miles from the city, the early summer of 1194. A murder has been committed, the mother of disabled twin boys, 5, with rare condition has been found by neighbour.


2. DAY 4

February 15th 1994

I have this horrible suspicion that someone is following me. I turn corners and feel eyes staring me down. Its not safe here. I have to go, I may have accidentally stumbled onto something bigger than a murder and I have a sneaking suspicion its about the twins.


 This was the last thing written by Detective Elisa Rhodes on the case of Linda Harrison 1994. No further enquiries were made and Elisa Rhodes has been classified missing since February 15th 1994. Twenty years on, both twins live abroad, Nash lives in Halifax Mental Hospital in Canberra, Australia and Nate lives with carer Moneta Patel in Cape town, South Africa. Its 2014 and the annual clean up has started. Maria Hofstadter, Austrian physicist and Director of the special operations unit stumbles across this case, she reads it and files a report. A new detective is put on the case. She leaves London tomorrow at 1100 hours, she goes by the name Lindsey Schreibman, a 23 year old, German detective, extremely inexperienced and naïve. Why? Why put in such a invaluable member into the village? The same reason a pawn takes the first move in chess.




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