It is odd how some people can turn all that you know upside down, from one day to another. It is crazy how these people, or just this one person can change you from being one person into another. I met this man. He is charming, nice and all other positive matter there can be said about a person. There is this one thing though; I suspect he has a dark secret, his eyes show, but he doesn't want to tell me... Does he?


5. Chapter Five

I lie down in the bed, relaxing, reading. Aaron is in his office, fixing some stuff about my abduction. I have no idea what’s going on, other than the fact that I have fallen in love with danger itself. I put some music on the dock, and lie back. I find some classics and put on Mozart’s Concerto No. 23, Second Movement. I read Shakespeare, which I found in Aaron’s library, and I’m a huge fan. He has all sorts of books, both classics and modern stories, as well as fiction and non-fiction.

Aaron comes in, as I am deeply focused on the story. He seems frustrated, and he has unbuttoned his shirt. He looks astonishing with his hair being messy, probably from having dragged his hand through it several times, and his fit torso is to see in the opening. I put the book down on my lap, and look at him.

- How’d it go?

He looks at me, and turns his back to me in front of the drawer. He undresses.

- Well, it seems that the abductors are nowhere to be found, they’ve gone underground. We’re searching, using satellite uplinks, as well as other… Employees to find them. They pose a major threat to the agency, and they have to be stopped.

I sigh, but then realise I haven’t called Frankie at any point to tell her that I’m okay.

- Aaron, I haven’t told Frankie where I am…

He takes his shirt off, and his muscular back is to be seen, but I also frown. His back is filled with scars, both looking like wounds from bullets and knife cuts, and several others which I can’t identify the source of. He stretches his arms above his head, and turns around towards me.

- She knows you’re here. I told her the day you disappeared that I had you here. She sounded rather suspicious.

I sigh with relief, she knows I’m fine.

- So she doesn’t know the truth?

- No, and she shouldn’t either.

He takes his jeans off as well, flashing a pair of fit legs. He puts the clothes on the drawer and takes a shirt from one of the bigger drawers, puts it on, and goes towards the bed. He lies down beside me, lying on his side, he looks at me.

- You’re so beautiful Elisabeth.

I blush, and I can feel my face burning. He laughs at my reaction and lies down in the bed, smiling, with his arms behind his head.

- You’re the first person to ever lie in this bed – other than me of course.

- Really?

- Yup, I’m not the kind of person who is usually romantically involved with a person.

- So you’ve never…?

- Had sex?

- Yeah…

- I have, just not the romantic kind.

He looks at me as he says that, looking as though he wants me to say something.

- Have you?

I bite my lip. Truth or lie?

- No…

I went with the truth. Yes, I am a 22 year old virgin. I haven’t ever felt interest in the opposite gender, or, just to be clear, my own for that matter. Aaron is truly the first person I’ve ever fallen in love with, and he took my first kiss. He looks at me with wonder in his eyes.

- No?

- No.

- How come?

- I’ve just not felt the interest in sexual encounters with people before, or for that matter, romantic physical contact, such as kissing.

- Wait, I gave you your first kiss?

He rests on his arm again, lying on his side, facing me. I look at him, and try to smile nicely, but all it becomes is a slight curve on my lips. The way he says these things make me feel odd, like I’m some sort of alien from another galaxy where there’s nothing called romanticism.

- Yes, you did.

He laughs, and I feel a bit hurt from it, but I say nothing.

- Well then, we both had our firsts this night then. But I can tell you one thing: The thing with kissing, you’re a natural.

I blush all over my face, and I get this tingling feeling in my lips again. I want to kiss him again. The desire sits deep within me, and the animal within is fighting its chains.

- Aaron?

He looks at me with just one eye opened.

- Kiss me.

He opens both, and stares at me in wonder, for just one second, which is enough to make me hesitate, but then he jumps up and sits across my lap, making the Shakespeare book fall to the floor with a thump. Then he looks me deeply in the eyes.

- Yes ma’am.

He leans in, holding both of my arms to the sides and kisses me on the lips. The animal within is being released, and I kiss back, with as much gratitude and passion I could ever imagine. He tastes sweet, and his lips are soft to mine. I feel his entire body on top of me, and all of his muscles against my body. I notice that I forgot to breathe, and I try to, but it becomes a gasp: the gasp of desire. He releases my arms, to take my head between his hands. My hands automatically go up, the right one towards his head, lacing my fingers between the straws of hair, and the other onto his muscular back. I feel the scars through the shirt, but I only sense them slightly. All I can focus on is his lips on mine. He releases, and starts kissing my face, along my jawline, and down my neck. My heart is racing ahead of me, and his body against mine feels wonderful. I sigh by his touch, and he kisses my chest, where my heart is. He leans his ear in, and listens to my heart.

- Your heart is so strong Elisabeth. One of the strongest I’ve ever met. Forgive me for being such an evil person.

I lift his head by the hair, and look deeply into his eyes.

- Aaron, you’re no evil. You have your troubles, we all do, but I think you’re a beautiful person.

He kisses me on my lips again, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth, his tongue exploring my mouth. I try to do same, and our tongues end up battling with each other in pure love. My mind has stopped working, and my whole body works on instincts now. He works his way down my body, kisses my stomach, and caresses my face. My heart is pounding even faster, and my mind suddenly becomes clearer. What am I doing?

- Aaron…

He stops, and looks at me, carefully looking me in the eyes.

- Yes?

- What are we doing?

- Making out?

- Is this a good idea?

- Only if you want to?

- I don’t know…

My heart is yelling at me for stopping him. The animal within me is tearing me apart, fighting my consciousness. I want to continue this, and my heart is swearing at me, calling me any possible negative word to my brain for having waken up again.

- It’s okay Elisabeth, we’ll just wait if you don’t want to.

I take his hand to my face, feels his warm palm on my cheek. I close my eyes and whisper to him.

- Can we just cuddle for now?

He puts the other hand on the other cheek and kisses my forehead.

- Of course. Come here.

He flips to the right and lies down on his back in the bed. I move closer to him, and he raises his right arm, so I can lie under it. I put my head on his chest, putting my arm across his abdomen. He tenses for a short second as I do, but then he relaxes again. He kisses my hair and sniffs it.

- I bought you some new clothes. It will arrive tomorrow morning.

- You did? You shouldn’t have…

- I know. But I did anyway.

- Thank you Aaron.

I close my eyes and inhale through my nose, inhaling his scent. It is a delicious mixture between sweat and eau de cologne. I think to myself, that if this is a dream, I’d rather never wake up from it. I have done what I think was truly impossible for a person like me. I have fallen in love with a man who truly seems to be a God, and who is inevitably in love with me as well. Or is that just what he wants me to believe? I shiver by the thought.

- What’s wrong Elisabeth? You’re shivering…

- It’s nothing.

- Are you sure?

I look up at him, smiles a faint smile, which I hope is convincing enough, but he doesn’t buy it. He does however choose to say nothing.

- I’m sure.

- Okay. You should go to sleep Elisabeth, you need the sleep.

- Okay, goodnight.

- Goodnight Elisabeth.

He turns off the lights, and I lie down with my head on his chest. I feel comfortable and safe, especially when I know what the man is capable of. I close my eyes, exhale deeply, emptying my lungs, and I breathe in his smell slowly, and with a smile on my face, I dose off.


I wake up with the sun in my face. It is peeking halfway over the horizon. I look around the room, and Aaron is standing in front of the big window. I study him closely. He is just standing there, looking out at the city. His phone rings, and he picks up immediately.

- Yes? What? Where? Okay, I’m on my way.

He hangs up and turns around. He sees me and stiffens as he sees that I’m awake.

- Good morning…

- Good morning Elisabeth, did you have a nice sleep?

- I did. It sounded important? Work?

- Yes. I have to go. Feel at home, I’ll be back in a couple hours. Your clothes has arrived, it’s in the bag there.

He points towards the drawer where a bag is standing on top of.

- Thank you.

He comes over, plants a kiss on my lips and leaves the room. I lie back, frustrated with him having to go to work, and I think about the night before. I don’t know what happened to me. Firstly, why did my mind have to take control over me in that exact moment? The night could have become amazing, but it didn’t. I decide to go take a shower and then look into the bag of goods that Aaron has bought for me. I leave the bedroom and walk into the bathroom and close the door. I turn on the dock, again playing music. I always listen to music. It is the easiest way for me to release my emotions, so I find some great music by one of my favourite musicians. Anadel – In The Water breaks the silence in the bathroom. The soft sound of the guitar, and his great voice fills my ears. I turn on the faucet of the bathtub.

After a while the tub is full enough for me to dip into it. I found some bathing soap in a cabinet under the sink. It smells like coconut and hazelnut. I sit in the water, leaning back and just enjoying the warm water against my sensitive skin. I sit there for a while just enjoying the great music playing out into the room.

I wipe my body dry with a soft towel, made of Egyptian cotton. I look into the bag where there’s both underwear, a new outfit consisting of a pair of jeans in blue material, a black sweater and a pair of vans. Surprisingly, it all suits me. I dry my hair and put it into a ponytail. I don’t wear any makeup.

I leave the room and enter the kitchen, where I’m almost about to scream. A man is standing by the stove, someone whom I don’t know. I hide behind the wall separating the living room from the kitchen. I peek around the corner and sees that he has a wire around his ear. He can communicate with someone. I remember the gun that Aaron put in the drawer in the bedside. I sneak in there as quietly as I can. I open the drawer, and to my great relief it’s still there. I check the clip, as Aaron showed me how to the day we were at the shooting range. It’s fully loaded.

I sneak back up to the wall between the kitchen and the living room. The man is still there. I take a deep breath, lift up the gun, keeping it in both hands, praying that the man will surrender, and that I will not have to use it. I walk forward, the gun extended in my hands, my elbows locked in position so that the recoil won’t make the gun hit me.

- You there, stop what you’re doing and let me see your hands.

He stops, stiffens. I’m surprised by how confident and calm my voice sounds. He turns around. His face looks concerned, but his expression reveals that he’s surprised.

- Who are you?

- Miss McTavish, Mr. Sanders sent me here to keep an eye on you; make sure that you’re safe. Please put the gun down, I won’t hurt you.

- How can I trust that you’re speaking the truth?

- You can talk to Mr. Sanders himself?

- Yes please.

He takes up his phone from his pocket, leaving the other hand still in the air. He moves slowly to show me that he means me no harm. I’m starting to believe the man, but then I remember how it went with Gerard. I tighten my grip around the gun.

- Here.

He puts the phone on the counter and steps back, leaving me a chance to let me get closer and pick it up.

- Francis?

- Aaron?

- Elisabeth, what are you doing with Francis’ phone?

I lower the gun, and Francis takes his hands down, turning around to keep cooking food.

- I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t an intruder.

Aaron laughs in the phone.

- He means you no harm. He’s a fellow employee from the agency. I sent him to make sure you’re safe.

- Thanks, that’s all I wanted to hear. Thank you Aaron.

- You’re very welcome Elisabeth. How’s the clothes? Does it fit?

- Like a glove. See you later.

- See you dear.

I hang up, handing Francis the phone.

- I’m sorry Francis, if only I had known.

He smiles at me.

- It’s fine ma’am, I’m glad you’re cautious. Now, put that gun where you found it, and breakfast will be ready thereafter.

I walk into the bedroom, almost putting the pistol down into the drawer, and then consider if I should keep it with me – just in case something should happen. I’m no good shot, but it works as a threat. I tuck it in my jeans and walk back into the kitchen. A plate with French toast is put by my seat at the kitchen table. Francis is sitting opposite my seat, eating an equivalent plate with French toast. I sit down, carefully so that the gun won’t fall out of the jeans, nor make a noise towards the wooden chair. I succeed. I start eating, and I must admit these are the best French toast I’ve ever gotten.

- So, how’d you meet Aaron?

I chew the food and swallow it. I was raised with the knowledge that talking with food in my mouth isn’t common courtesy.

- First time I saw him was when I sat on a café with my roommate, Frankie. Then, later the same day, after we had an intruder in our flat, Frankie and I were supposed to go to my parents’ house, but we ended up in an accident, where Aaron got me out of the car. Then, a few days later he paid my hospital bill and we had a cup of coffee together at Starbucks… Do you know the rest of the story?

He nods, slowly. I look down on my plate again, and silence hangs as a heavy blanket upon us.

- I hear on your accent and vocabulary that you’re from Britain?

- Yes, I was born there, and lived there with my family until I was about 9, then my parents moved to this farm outside of Chicago, and I’ve lived here ever since.

- That’s a long time. How come you still have the accent? I’d believe that you’d lose it over time?

- That’s true, but I’ve been working hard on keeping it, you see as to feel closer to home.

- I see.

During the afternoon Aaron comes home exhausted. I’ve made early dinner for him, knowing that he didn’t eat breakfast. I made a healthy meal, including a lot of vegetables and a high-protein steak. He sits down by the table and I put the plate in front of him. He smiles at me.

- It smells nice.

I take my own plate and sit down in front of him.

- Let’s hope it tastes well too then.

We start eating, and there’s a bit of silence upon us.

- How was your day Aaron?

He swallows what he has in his mouth, puts his fork and knife down and leans back in the chair. He drags a hand through his hair.

- We had a field agent murdered in his home. We can’t trace the bullets, so we believe it’s got to be the competing agency.

- I’m sorry.

- Yeah… He was one of the best. His family has been informed, just with a minor twist to the story. They didn’t know his identity within the agency.

I swallow hard. I know that this is inevitable, but the fact that Aaron is a target to some other agency, and they know that I’m familiar with him. It aches in my chest, and my smile drops. Aaron notices.

- Hey, nothing’s going to happen to me. Security’s been sharpened around all the agents in my agency, including me, and I’ve gotten you covered. All this means is that both of us must be a bit more careful when we communicate with others through electronics, that’s all.

- But…

He stands up from his chair and walks over to me. He lifts up my chin and looks me in the eyes.

- Nothing’s going to happen to us. I’ll teach you how to defend yourself, and I’ll train you. You’ll be able to defend yourself, and you have me. I was raised to do this.

He puts emphasis on ‘raised’ and as he stands there I see hope in his eyes. I really wish I could believe what he’s saying to me. I know how the men had no trouble locating me and abducting me, just by having seen me with Aaron. If they know he and I are romantically involved… I shake the thought off my head.

- Come, let’s go into the living room and watch some television.

- What about cleaning up?

- Oh yeah. We’ll do that first.

He laughs and takes the plates. In that moment I see all of the good in him. He might be a criminal, a social deviant, a killer, but I’m in love with the man. I get to see the side of him which no one else has seen before, and I know that I would take a bullet for him, how scary and realistic that might however sound.


We sit in the living room in the big sofas. Aaron is sitting with his laptop, and I’m watching the television, which is showing the same crap as always. I just choose to go with CNN.

- What are you doing?

Aaron looks down at me.

- Work.

- Interesting stuff?

He grins.

- Nope, just going through what the surveillance cameras captured in the building where Harris, the other agent, was killed.

- Oh.

He keeps watching the video, and I focus my concentration on the television.

The Russian rebels in Ukraine have now possessed Kiev airport leaving all flights cancelled. The rebels are not holding any hostages, but are however ensuring that no flights will depart without them knowing who is aboard the plane. Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, is neglecting any knowledge as to why the rebels are doing this.

I lost my concentration again. It all feels so far away, as though it isn’t real. All my knowledge about things happening elsewhere is based upon what the media feed me with.

- Aaron, can you please stop working and come with me to bed? You need sleep, and I’m tired.

He looks at the clock on his wristwatch and nods.

- It’s 11 PM already. I have an early meeting with the board tomorrow at 8 AM, so we better get to bed.

I turn off the television and leave the living room, entering the bathroom first to brush my teeth. I find a new toothbrush in the cabinet and I start brushing. I make sure that I’m careful. That is the influence of having had braces as a teenager. I’ve always been afraid of dentists, and I don’t want to pay a visit to them because I’ve not been careful about brushing my teeth properly.

I enter the bedroom and Aaron is lying on the bed, wearing boxers only. I undress quickly and open the drawer. As I do, I feel Aaron’s arms around me.

- I got you something other than my shirts to wear whilst sleeping.

I turn around.

- But I like sleeping with your shirts on.

I try to make a sad face, but it doesn’t work. He turns me around and shows me a little bag which has been lying in his drawer.

- Put this on.

I open the bag and discover a piece of lingerie made of silk. I look at him, my mouth open in surprise. His eyes spark a bit from desire, and I choose not to decline wearing it. I bring my hair forward so it doesn’t hang down my back and I bring my arms backward to open my bra. Aaron stops my hands and open it for me. My breath becomes slightly heavier. He kisses my neck and I feel the animal within roaring. I sigh slightly and he continues to kiss me on the neck, moving further towards my jawline. I turn my face around so that I look back at him and he kisses my lips. The kiss becomes more and more intense. Our breaths unite, our tongues dance together and my inner animal breaks its cage. I’m made of pure desire.
I break up the kiss and look him in the eyes. I push him towards the bed, ignoring my shyness from only wearing my panties. He smiles from desire and falls back onto the bed. I kiss his neck as best I can, and place my legs on either side of him. I bite my lips and he sits up with me on his lap. He embraces me and puts his head to my chest. I kiss his hair and inhale his scent. I feel his muscles under my body, feeling how strong he is. Suddenly he turns around, leaving me to be lying under him. I scream from the surprise, and he starts laughing at me. He holds my hands over my head in a firm but secure grip, with only one hand. I feel his strong fingers holding onto my wrists. He kisses me on the lips.

- You’re so beautiful Elisabeth.

I sigh. My heart is pounding fast, and my mind has no power anymore. I don’t want to ruin the moment like I did yesterday. I kiss him fiercely and he tries to breathe through the kiss.

- Elisabeth, I love you.

- I love you too Aaron.

I never knew I would say those words to a person I’ve only known for such a short time, but I know that I love him. I want him so bad, and it’s a desire I’ve never felt before. It’s so strong I can’t believe it’s really myself. I bite my lip and he smiles. He seems to know what I’m thinking. He kisses me, from my lips, down to my jawline, on to my neck, down my collarbone, across my heart, down to my bellybutton and further down. I sigh loudly, and I feel his hands on me, holding me steady. A warmth is boiling inside me, and I scream out. He works his way up my body again, and he steadies on his arms, looking me in the eyes.

- Ready?

- Okay.

I breathe in, and he keeps me steady, holding my face between his hands. He plants a kiss on my lips and I scream yet again; a scream filled with pleasure, a slight hint of pain, and a lot of love. 

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