a small town girl named Rosie moves to another little town in bromsgrove, worceshire when she looks around the new place her and her mom moved to she meet a stranger but something about him is making me wonder...who is he


1. packing


                                                                                 Rosie's p.o.v                                                                                    I was in my room that night folding my clothes and putting them in boxes. When i finished I went into my little sisters room Haley. I looked up at her and noticed she was crying. Whats wrong  Haley i said picking her up. I don't want to move, she said crying even harder. Don't cry, its going to be fine i promise i said smiling trying to make her happy. She looked up at me and nodded her head indicating that she trusts me. I tucked Haley in and said goodnight, and turned off the light and ran down stairs. Mom i finished packing my bags and i also tucked in Haley for you to, i Said. I didn't hear a reply, So i ran down stairs and i knocked on her bedroom door. Mom you in there? Still  didn't hear anything, So i just opened the door. Where is she I said to my self. I looked out the curtain and see two shadows. I walk to the front door and open it, I looked around the corner of the house and find my mom kissing this man. MOM!!!!! I said shocked up. She looked at me a little nervous, Um hi sweetie...... what are you doing out here so late?                                          Kathy's p.o.v                                                                      What are you doing out here so late she said? What am i doing out here so late i cant believe you just said that! Rosie calm down....i need, No mom you calm down she said  interrupting me. She was angry i could tell. Mom WHO IS HE TELL ME NOW, she  screamed. Babe can you go for a second? okay he replied. I'M WAITING MOM. She walked over to the bench and wiped the dirt off and sat down. Tell me now! Rosie said clenching her fist ready to punch something. okay ill tell you. Well before me and your father got in a divorce we adopted you, and this man came up to me and he was always there for me.. it was like he loved me more than your father. So  i told him about this guy and all of a sudden he slashed out with anger and he hit me. So i went to court and got a divorce, and i went with him.....Albert <3 I looked back at her and i could see she was still upset. Then what happened she said. Then i he asked me out and i said yes, and we dated for like a year or so. But then he got blamed for murder and got sent to to prison for 13 years. Get on with it mom,Rosie said. Okay, any way i went to go get some groceries a couple minutes ago and i bumped into him again and we hugged and talked and i guess we got back together and we kissed when you came out. Mom i cant believe you! She said with tears falling down her cheeks. You know i cant even look at you!!!! You are just something mom going out with convicts and.. YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND I CANT EVEN LOOK AT YOU WITHOUT GETTING ANGRY! Sweetie hold on i said, but she just looked at me and walked away crying. Just my luck i said to myself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Albert's p.o.v                                                                    Is every thing okay? I asked walking up to Kathy kissing her. No She just looked at me crying and she stormed off after i told her every thing Kathy replied. I think she just need some time to warm up to me that's all i said smiling. I hope so, I kissed him and i told him that i would be right back. As i saw her walk off she looked back and asked if i wanted anything, No thank you i replied. okay she turned back around and opened the door and went in to the kitchen. I grabbed out my phone and texted my friend, Meet me tonight at 7:11 I got some good news.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hey guys i know the first chapter wasn't that good but the next chapter will better. i need three comments to update the next page!! any way i would also like some request's and maybe i can add you in the story for only three easy steps!                                                                                                                                             1: Tell me your name                                                                                                                      2: What you would like to be in the book                                                                                      3: Last but not least tell me what you look like.                                                                             p.s i need one girl and boy, see you next time :)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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