The Bucket List | H.S.

❝ What do you want from me, Styles? ❞
❝ I want you to go crazy with me. Let's complete this bucket list together. ❞
Meet 19 year old Emily Rose. She's what every girl wishes to become. Flawless, rich, and ridiculously gorgeous. Her family has given her a job in the passed down bank from her great grandparents, explainning why the Rose family is so wealthy. Never, has she been the type to go out and do wrong things. And she doesn't plan to start now.
And meet 20 year old, Harry Styles. A teenage dropout currently living in a one bedroom apartment. He spends his days picking at the loose thread from his jeans, and let's not forget about his part time job at Mc Flinnigans. Flipping burgers is his speciality.
What happens when the two start to do the most insane, craziest things together? Well, it all starts with a bucket list.


3. 3. I Owe You One

- Emily -

I've been in the hospital waiting room for almost an hour already, and I just want to make sure Harry's alright.

He's so going to think I did this on purpose.

"Miss Rose?" A white haired old man walks into the room.

"Yes, that's me." I stand up from my seat.

"Mr. Styles would like to see you, right this way." He smiles and walks down the hall.

I feel a lump rise in my throat, as I follow behind him. I have no clue how he's going to react. Whether he'll be pissed, or so mad that it won't even show.. I'm not sure.

I'm clueless.

The doctor lightly taps on the door twice, and turns the door knob.

"Ms. Emily Rose is here, i'll give you two some time." He glances over to Harry, and then to me and nods.

He exits the room, and I stare at Harry from across the room.

"Well, you sure look happy to see me." He says sarcastically, and grins.

"I.. I'm sorry, Harry. I was making a quick turn, and before I knew it-"

He cuts me off. "Calm down, Emily. It's okay, i'm fine."

I walk over to the side of the hospital bed he is lying in, and I chew on my lip.

"Wow, it really took me to hit you with a car for you to know my name." I lightly chuckle.

He laughs and shakes his head.

"It took that doctor." He shrugs his shoulders.

"Well i'm glad you've finally got it right this time, Styles." I cross my arms over my chest and giggle.

"And i'm glad you didn't kill me with your horrible driving skills."

I see humor written all over him, but I still can't help it but feel guilty.

"Listen, Harry.. I'm really sorry. I owe you one for this." I sit down in the chair beside him.

"Don't be sorry, really. I know it was an accident. You've been shaking like a wet kitten ever since you've stepped foot in here."

Harry sure knows how to put up a good front after he's just been rammed by a car.

"Yeah, well just in case you didn't know.. This is my first time hitting someone with a car." I say dramatically.

Before he can respond, my phone goes off.

"Sorry, this should be just one second." I hold up a finger to him and slide answer.

"Emily, sweetie.. Where are you? You were supposed to be home 45 minutes ago." My mother says with worry.

"Yeah, well I got into a little incident."

"What happened?!" Her voice raises.

"I hit someone mom, I took a quick turn. But they're okay, i'm okay. I'll be home soon." I rub my temples with my fingers and shut my eyes from her loudness.

"Oh god, please! Get home safely."

I hang up and sigh.

"You could've just lied, you know." Harry breaks my thoughts and turn my attention back towards him.

"Lie to my mom? No, sorry. That isn't me. I don't.. Lie."

He breaks out into laughter, and I stand there confused.


"You. You're hilarious. You really don't get out much, do you?"

I shake my head. Harry could be so immature at times. I can already tell that me and him have nothing alike.


"Alright, well.. I have to go. My mom is worried sick, and I need to get home before she has a panic attack." I slip my phone into my purse and head towards the door.


"Yeah?" I face him.

"It was nice seeing you." He plays with the white sheets on the bed, while staring down.

"You too."

I leave the room, and softly shut the door behind me. A smile appears on my face, and I chew my lip.

Something about him is just so unusual. One minute he's being so rude, the next he's being sweet. It's quite bipolar if you ask me, but something about it.. Just makes him admirable in some ways.


When I get home, I get a long speech from my mother. She reminded me how I could've killed him, or worse killed both of us. My father wasn't home yet since the bank was still not closed, so she told me how she planned on telling him when he arrived.

I head up to my room, and put my purse down. I'm dying for my head to hit the pillow and to fall asleep. Today has been pretty reckless.

I change out of my dress, take a warm shower, and slip into my silk pajamas.

Hopefully tomorrow will go better.


When I wake up, I do the usual routine. I decide on wearing an all white dress, with light pink heels, and I leave my wavy hair down. I leave home early to open up the bank, and say hello to Monica.

"How was your night, Emily?" She asks while sipping at her coffee.

"Not so great." I laugh lightly, and open up the bank doors.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Well, you know what they say. Tomorrow is another day." She smiles and I nod.

I head straight to my office, and check through my emails. Nothing new or interesting was sent, so I decide on just checking the banks files.

"Knock knock." The familiar british accent catches my attention.

I look up to see Harry standing at my door. His shirt white, exposing his dark inked tattoos underneath the fabric and his black ripped jeans. A small bandaid covers over a scrape on his neck, from the accident.

"Harry.. What are you doing here?" I sit back in my chair.

"Remember what you told me last night? How you told me you owe me one?"

I nod, not knowing where he seems to be heading with this.

He shuts the door behind him, and walks over to the front of my desk.

"Well, I think I finally came up with an idea."

"And that is?.."

He smirks and leans his hands onto my desk.

"Complete my bucket list with me."

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