The Bucket List | H.S.

❝ What do you want from me, Styles? ❞
❝ I want you to go crazy with me. Let's complete this bucket list together. ❞
Meet 19 year old Emily Rose. She's what every girl wishes to become. Flawless, rich, and ridiculously gorgeous. Her family has given her a job in the passed down bank from her great grandparents, explainning why the Rose family is so wealthy. Never, has she been the type to go out and do wrong things. And she doesn't plan to start now.
And meet 20 year old, Harry Styles. A teenage dropout currently living in a one bedroom apartment. He spends his days picking at the loose thread from his jeans, and let's not forget about his part time job at Mc Flinnigans. Flipping burgers is his speciality.
What happens when the two start to do the most insane, craziest things together? Well, it all starts with a bucket list.


2. 2. Shrimp Cocktail

- Emily -

"You've been really off today, Emily. Are you sure you're alright?" Justin continues to steer the wheel, as I look out through the window.


"Huh, what? Yeah." I mumble.

"What's up?" He looks over to me.

"Nothing, just hungry." I half smile and pat my stomach.

"Well, we're two blocks away from DiAngelo's." He drums his fingers onto the leather and I nod.

I stare at his figure, watching as he looks blankly at the street in front of him.

"Why are you always so nice to me?" I blurb out.

He chuckles. "Never thought being nice was a crime.. My bad."

"No, I like it.." I chew my lip and look back out of the passenger window.

The weather has definitely changed from the last few hours, from sunny to drizzle. I watch as a little girl steps into little evaporating puddles, with her oversized rain boots. I find myself to smile, remembering when I used to be so worry-free. I had fun, and that's all that mattered to me.

But now, there's so much more to be thinking about rather than hopscotch and duck duck goose.

We pull up in front of the little restaurant, and park the car.

"Wait there." Justin smiles and heads out, running over to my side.

He swings open the car door for me, letting his hand out.

"Thanks." I grab onto his hand and get out.

We walk into the dim lighted area, only set with about ten or fifteen small round tables. Not much people are here, it's nice and quiet.

Exactly a place I need to be at right now with this throbbing headache starting to come to me.

"I'm guessing a table for two?" A red headed woman comes up to us, smiling.

"Yeah, two." Justin looks to me and smiles.

"Right this way."

She walks us over to a table set almost directly in the middle of the restaurant, and places two menus down on the opposite sides.

"There will be a waiter here for you in five." I nod, and she exits into the back kitchen.

Justin pulls out a chair for me, and I sit.

"This is a bit fancy for lunch." I giggle.

He laughs and nods. "This is actually my first time here, I heard about this place from a friend, actually."

He takes the seat across from me and we scan over the menu.

"Wow, all of these things sound delicious." I look at the many selections.

"Hi, i'm Mandy. I'll be taking your order this afternoon, have you made your decisions yet?" A pretty brunette smiles brightly at us.

"Are you ready to order, Emily?" Justin peers over to me and I nod.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have a tip from someone over across from here. They told me to give you this." The red haired woman from the front hands me a slip of paper.

I suggest the shrimp cocktail, unless of course that doesn't suit your fancy. H xx.

I scan my eyes around the almost empty restaurant, until my eyes catch familiar forest green ones.

"I-I suddenly don't feel so well. I have to go, Justin. I'm sorry." I almost stumble getting out of my chair.

"Wait, Emily, let me take you back to the bank!" He shouts from the table i've now abandoned, and I shout back.

"I'll catch a cab, thanks!"

I walk out of the restaurant and quickly turn the corner, so if Justin runs out, he won't see me and offer me a ride once again.

I could not be in the same room as Harry after that scene at the bank, because who knows if he followed me here to make me stay quiet about it or something.

Or maybe I just watch too much CNN.

Either way, I just had to get out of there.

I start to walk back to the bank, not even thinking about calling out for a cab. The inside of most of them is disgusting. Whether gum is sticking all over the seats or if it just smells like horrid body odor.

I'd say both.

"You certainly were in a rush, left the poor guy all alone. Like a stray puppy." A raspy voice chuckles from behind me.

I quickly turn and my eyes meet with his.

Damn Styles.

"What do you want from me? Do you want me to stay quiet after your little incident in that room or something?" I cross my arms over my chest.

"Hey, i'm sorry about that. I just have these really bad mood swings. But let me make it up to you.." He stuffs his hands into his jean pockets and I chew my lip.

"And how would you do that, Harry?"

"I'll take you somewhere. It'll be fun, c'mon.. Please?" The curly haired boy sticks his bottom lip out and pouts.

"You don't even know my name."

"Yeah I do, it's.. Uh, Monica! Yeah, you're Monica." He grins.

"Pathetic." I turn on my heel and begin to walk.

"Wait, wait!"

I feel a hand grip my arm and I stop. Turning around, I yank my arm from his hold.


"Monica was that hot chick at the front, my bad."

He has to be kidding.

"I can't stand guys like you. Such pigs." I crinkle my nose and roll my eyes.

Without a second thought, I turn back around for once last time and walk myself back to work.

And Harry didn't yell my name for me to come back.

Guess he finally got a hint.


The rest of the day was a drag, I had to face Justin's long looks and stares the rest of the work day. He probably thinks he had done something wrong, when in reality he didn't.

I lock up my office, and say bye to Monica on the way out.

My mother has already left, and my father always locks up the place every night.

Walking out into the lot, I get into my car, and start the ignition.

I just can't wait to get home. I'm tired, I think I hurt my ankle walking all the way back to work, and i'm stressed out because of Harry.

He made me look like a complete idiot in the restaurant, and poor Justin..

"Look out!" I hear a scream from outside of my window and I notice that I was driving down the wrong lane.

"Oh my god!" I scream and turn into the street to my left.

And that's when I notice someone walking on the crosswalk.

But that's until my bumper hits them.

And I see their body go flying to the right.

This can't be happening.

"My god." My eyes widen and I hop out of my car.

I run off to the right side of the street and see a boy lying on the ground.

"Are you okay, i'm so sorry!" I shout and crouch down next to his still body.

I lift his face off of the concrete, and that's when I feel my heart drop down to my stomach.

It was Harry.

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