My Incomplete Stories

I have a terrible habit of starting stories and not finishing them, but it always seems a shame to discard the unwanted writing. :D So I thought I'd just put them in here. Maybe I'll return to them one day! Just a warning; I haven't read through these for AGES, and I've never edited them. Read at your own risk. :D


1. Satan's Teaparty


Now, I’d just  like to clear something up quickly before we start.

I am not evil.





I’m nasty, certainly. I’m supercilious and arrogant. Ubiquitous as well. But that’s not evil.

Evil is… flared jeans. Dreadlocks. Miniskirts. Dungarees. Untucked shirts.

Not me.

Yes, of course it is easy to jump to conclusions, what with me being Hades the Bringer of All Darkness and Destroyer of the Light esq. but you must understand-

I’m not evil.

I’m necessary. I mean, can you imagine the world if no one died? Chaos. Utter chaos. Hitler would still be alive. Stalin. Jimi Hendrix. (That hair… blasphemy.) 

So there’s no need to be afraid of me. Admittedly, I was pretty terrifying back in the day, when cloaks were in. You see anyone wearing cloaks nowadays? Nope. I am the epitome of style, not terror.


Maybe a little bit of terror.

Their faces.

Admit it. You couldn’t resist either.

Okay, all right. I’ve gone on a bit long. That I’ll admit. I do tend to babble to myself when Persephone’s not here. She reigns me in, as it were. Ever wonder why the main people to die in winter are the young and old? Yup. I don’t take the promising middle aged citizens when Persephone’s eye is on me. Or adolescents. And I like taking the adolescents. Every new one knows a whole new interesting range of cuss words. I like the clever ones the best though. The geniuses. The ones that find all this interesting. The ones that point to my lovely new range of 'tortured black' suits and say, “Ooh, those are cool.


I like those ones.

I lean back in my throne. It's a throne, of course. Not a chair. Chairs are so yesterday.

In fact, I was inspired to create this lovely new throne because of a certain new member to my domain. 

He's called And this is where I stopped writing. :D I'm so evil. :D

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