My Incomplete Stories

I have a terrible habit of starting stories and not finishing them, but it always seems a shame to discard the unwanted writing. :D So I thought I'd just put them in here. Maybe I'll return to them one day! Just a warning; I haven't read through these for AGES, and I've never edited them. Read at your own risk. :D


6. Clockwork Heart



    She smiled at me, and in that moment, I saw infinity. Her eyes could see my soul, my corruption, and the unbreakable love I had for her. I began shaking my head, slowly, then faster, faster, faster until she became a blur and I was no longer shaking my head I was spinning and spinning through the blur spinning and spinning faster and faster and faster-

    The I became still, and I realised she was gone. I placed a hand on my heart and felt it flutter, as though it was changing. Changing into something new.




Chapter One


    “Hey, Oliver!”

    I turned. Thomas waved a hand at me through the mass of bodies in the corridor, and I reluctantly raised my own in reply. He gestured frantically at me, pointing to the side of the corridor where the throng of frantically escaping students was not so thick. I dragged myself over dismally, watching him with my usual hooded eyes as he approached me. 

    He popped out of the crowd like a cork out of a shaken bottle, bashing into me on purpose. I stepped back, hunching my shoulders.

    “Don’t. What do you want, Thomas?”

    He brushed invisible lint off this jacket and smirked. “What I always want, Oliver. But that’s not what I was going to ask you.”

    I let out a frustrated breath. “Come on, Thomas. I haven’t got all day. What do you want from me?”

    Thomas leaned into me conspiratorially. “I’m inviting you… to a party.” He slipped something into my back pocket. His hand lingered, and I jerked away.

    “Go flirt with the principal, Thomas. Leave me alone.” I stalked away. He called after me, voice still carrying traces of a chuckle. 

    “So are you gonna come?”

    I didn’t answer. The light of outside beckoned me, promising me freedom from this awful captivity. I took it on its word and burst outside, bag banging a tattoo on my back.






    Silence. I let my bag drop to the floor. It landed with a hollow thunk which reverberated around the house, mirroring the empty halls. One downside to living in such a large house, I suppose. But I’m glad for it. Space is something I love, so space is something I get. I like being rich. It’s nice. It’s… liberating.

    It allows you to go to parties.

    I pulled the slip of paper out of my back pocket, twisting it thoughtfully in my hands. It had small scribbles on it, and was slightly damp around the edges. On one side was an address and a time, and on the other, a highly inappropriate message from Thomas to me, suggesting things I didn’t particularly want to think about. I checked the clock.

    Five hours to get ready. 

    Better get started. 



This was going to be for the 'The Name on your Wrist' competition. We were going to discover he was incapable of feeling emotion, but that there was someone whom he loved so much that he... felt emotion again. -_- See why I didn't continue? XD 

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