Dear finder


6. Chapter 6.

Dear finder,

Today's the weekend and we can do what ever we want. In the home on week days we have school, lunch, activities, homework, and etc

We can have snacks whenever we want, and once a week we have an allowance.. 25.00$

Today I went down stairs by myself, I saw this girl with red hair wearing a purple cardiganand washed out skinny jeans, her hair was in a messy bun and she had a bunch of piercings on her ear, it actually was really pretty.

I decided to go talk to her, make friends. The first thing I said was "hi" like anything she said "hi" back.

Her name was Eleanor, she is the type of girl that likes art, funny prank videos, Fashion, and her Family, but pretty much like all of us here we have none.

Her parents were hit by a dunk driver when crossing the street at a very young age, then she had to stay with her grandparents, but like everyone no one lives for ever.

She is really funny and I'm glad I meet her!

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