Dear finder


5. Chapter 5.

Dear finder,

Today I went to find a job, it was soon Christmas and I wanted to get some money to by gifts for jake and my sister.

Of corse since I'm 14 I'm a "kid" but I did find a job.

It's at this crappy restaurant, all I have to do is wash dishes and I get paid minimum wage.

They said that when I'm older I can upgrade to a waitress.

Today was a long day of working... When I got to the Foster home, I knocked on Jakes door, he answered and we sat on his bed and talked for a very long time...

He knows what I'm going through, he knows what I'm feeling. I have a mac laptop and none of my friends tried contacting me, asking if I'm okay or anything... That's nice to know that they care.

The only friend I have is jake and my sister...

Jake was really cute, he's the type of guy that can make you smile in a instant. He has the most amazing smile I have ever seen.

Just there's something about him, he seems lost... Like me, like an abandoned puppy in the rain.

I hope jake likes me the way I like him...

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