Dear finder


4. chapter 4.

Dear finder,

So today I decided to hang out with this boy. His name was Jake.

He was really nice, not like the guys at my school...

He had light brown hair, and green eyes, he wasn't super tall but he was taller then me.

That day, he told me his story, it was basically the same as mine but he didn't have a brother or sister, so it was worse...

He told me all the schedules where I had to be at certain times, we didn't have to do that today because it was the weekend.

He told me about all the mean people here, we made jokes about it.

He had a really nice smile...

His room is right next to mine, he said if you need anything come to me, he also told me that he had no one when he was here like me, he said he knows what I'm feeling, that you will never feel the same.

You need to make the best of life, he told me if I needed to talk about it to come to him...

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