Dear finder


1. chapter 1.

Dear, finder

I got this diary when I was 12 and never used it, now I'm 14 and decided to use it...

Today is the worst day of my life...the coldest day of my life, the day both my parents died, it was a car ascendent and I was at school... My teacher had to talk to me privately... My oldest sister missed University to pick me up from school.

Tears were rushing down her face, I stood where I was eyes filled with tears and pain, ears pounding as well at my heart.

It wasn't fair.. Why did this have to happen to me and my life..

My sister told me two things that day... That I would be going to seek therapy treatment, and that I would be going to a temporary foster home..

Everyone is too busy, my sister had a lot of school work, and everyone in are family lived far and couldn't care less...

I packed some of my things for the new home.. And cried my self to sleep that night.

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