Hidden Life

Do you ever wonder if your life is real? If on the other side of the wall, was a real person? Max never wondered about that, but little did he know, that he and his two other friends were the only real, living creature he had seen, and that everyone and everything else was a lie.


1. School

        Max's day had already started well. It was his birthday and he had finally gotten the book "Good Times", what he had wanted forever. One he finished opening all his presents, he put on his schoolbag and walked to school. As he was walking past his best friend Tom's house, somebody jumped out from Tom's gate and shouted,

'Happy Birthday!'

Max screamed in shock. He was so scared. He looked up and saw a boy laughing so hard that he fell down and started rolling on the ground.                                                                                                                   

'Tom!' exclaimed Max, who had recognized the face, 'Don't do that, that was so scary!'                                

'Sorry, but it was so funny when you screamed,' laughed Tom.                                                                         

'It was quite scary, you would have screamed too!' defended Max.                                                                  

They carried on to school, where they sat in class, waiting for the bell to ring. Max put all of his maths books on the table so he was ready for class, when he had finished, he walked over to Tom, who was still organizing his books.

'Hi,' greeted Max, 'Nervous for the math test?'

'Really nervous!' replied Tom, 'But I studied all last night, I think I should survive.'

'Apparently Alex forgot to study, he's going to get into big trouble!' said Max.

'I hope he doesn't cry like last time, I always feel sorry for him when he cries.' admitted Tom.

'I do too,' agreed Max, 'but to be honest, it's not that bad when she shouts at you.'

'I think it's unfair that we have to study, and that she should be shouted at by our parents' replied Tom.

'My parents would shout at her, when they found out I just copied my mum's signature with carbon paper, they were furious.' said Max.

The bell rang before everybody sat down at their desks. The door opened as the teacher, Mrs. Orderlack, walked inside the classroom.

'Good morning students,' greeted Mrs. Orderlack.

'Good morning Mrs. Orderlack' said a girl named Lauren.

'Is one greeting the only greeting I get?' shouted Mrs. Orderlack, 'I didn't only greet Lauren! I would like you all to greet me again!'

'Good morning Mrs. Orderlack,' said all the students immediately.

'Thank you, hopefully in the future you all greet me together,' complained Mrs. Orderlack.

'We will,' replied Tom.

'Now I believe we have a birthday,' said Mrs. Orderlack, 'Max I believe.'

'Yes, today is my birthday' confirmed Max.

'So don't forget to wish him a happy birthday in recess. Now we shall complete this maths pretest,' said Mrs. Orderlack.

Mrs. Orderlack passed out the test sheets and then put her timer on for thirty minutes. The students then all answered their questions on the test, all except Alex, who was busy collecting a grizzle from Mrs. Orderlack. The questions were fairly simple for Max, for he had studied all night for this test. Max could see some people struggling count on their fingers, but he had finished four minutes before the timer went off, giving him enough time to check his work. 

'That's time,' announced Mrs. Orderlack, 'Zack! No continuing, I said that's time!' she shouted.

Zack, the boy, dropped his pencil strait away and handed Mrs. Orderlack his test sheets. Everybody then waited for the recess bell to go off. When the bell did go off, they all raced to get their recess and ran straight outside before they could get into any trouble for who knows what by Mrs. Orderlack. When Max and Tom were outside, they walked over to their favorite bench and ate their food.

'How did you like the test?' asked Tom.

'Quite easy, how about you?' replied Max.

'Medium,' answered Tom.

'Do you know where Alice went? I didn't see her in her classroom,' asked Max.

'She mentioned something about a orthodontist, but I'm not too sure if that was this week.' replied Tom.

'Tom! Max! I need to show you something!' said a voice.

Max and Tom both looked to see who it was. It was Alice.

'Come with me,' she said.

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