She is the cheer captain and the little sister of the schools legendary male popular. He is the team captain for the schools football team and the little brother of the schools legendary female popular. Eve and Calum never really communicated much, but a few mistakes can change that.


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Eve's POV:

I wake up to my nephew jumping on my bed. Without letting him know I am awake, I turn to my side and grab his small hand. I pull him down to cuddle with me, which causes him to laugh. He starts playing with my knotted hair with a huge grin plastered on his face. I smile at the two-year-old boy struggling to get under my duvet. I help him out and he cuddles up to me.

"Good morning, little rascal." I ruffle his hair and let out a yawn.

"Mowning, Auntie Evie!" He shows off what little pearly whites he has. I smile back and kiss his forehead.

"Did Daddy send you up to wake me?" I ask the small boy.

"Yes, I did." My brother laughs and walks into my room taking a seat on my bed. "Mum said that Calum was coming over for dinner? Any idea what that's about? You and Cal like never talk." He isn't wrong. The last time I talked to Calum was literally many months ago. It was only because of this athlete introduction thing our school does. All the captains had to talk to each other and try to become friends.

"Probably wants me to make a friend that isn't gay."

It's not that she's against gays because she actually isn't. When I was little she thought it would be nice for me to fall in love with my guy best friend. Three years later she realized that Luke was gay and there was no way that her dream would happen. Then some Michael guy moved into the neighborhood and she got all excited. Turns out Michael was bi and was in a relationship with his boyfriend of almost six years now. Then there's the Hood's. Mali and Jake were best friends since birth and always shared the same titles for everything. Mum tried to get Calum and me to become friends, but it was always awkward. I was so used to hanging out with my gay best friend, not Mali's straight little brother. It doesn't help that the friendship was being forces on. That's when I realized that Mum gave up on her cliché dream for me and just wanted me to have at least one straight friend.

I guess I could be friends with Calum. From the very few times we have actually talked without being forced, he's not all that bad. It's just like there's something preventing me from being his friend.

"But I'm your friend and I'm straight. Does Mum not appreciate our friendship?" I laugh at him and stand up.

"Mum appreciates our friendship. She just doesn't count it since we're siblings. Now I gotta get ready for school."

I point towards the door and my brother exits. He leaves his precious son with me and shuts my door.

I grab my black skinnies, my white button-up and my blue tie. Before changing into my uniform, I go to my bathroom and brush my awful blond hair and wash my face. After moisturizing my face, I put on some eyeshadow and mascara. I brush my teeth and head back into my room only to find Matt playing with my shoes. I laugh at the small boy and grab my uniform and walk back to my bathroom, this time shutting the door behind me. I quickly change into my uniform and go back into my room. Matt walks over to my only pair of shoes that he hasn't played with. He picks them up and hands me them. I look at the old black beat-up Chuck Taylor's. Gosh I haven't worn these in a while. I put on a random pair of socks and then my shoes.

"Okay little one, I'm gonna head out. Uncle Luke needs a ride again," I say as I pick the small child up and walk down the stairs. "So where's Penelope?" I ask my brother as Mum takes Matt from me.

"Probably home. Where's Luke?" I ignore my brother and grab my phone and keys. I yell love you's and goodbye's to my family before running to my car.


"I don't see what the problem is. You've known Calum since birth because of Mali and Jake." Calum and I aren't friends, though.

"It's because we never really hung out or talked. Remember, I was always with you and Jake was always with Mali." Luke shuts up knowing that I've made a point.

"Okay, how about I come over for dinner and then maybe it won't be so awkward. And in return you can do me a favor?" He suggests with the pouting face that sometimes works on me. I know exactly what he wants. Luke wants me to talk to Ashton Irwin, the guy who works as my mum's new assistant, and get him drunk as hell. Basically Luke is planning on raping the straight hottie. Okay, actually he just hopes that Ashton will go gay or bi and then date him. In order for that to happen, I have to apparently get the poor man drunk.

"I'm not gonna do that. If he wasn't Mum's assistant then maybe yes I would." I laugh at the desperate boy as we walk into the cafeteria and find a place in line.

"You know it's kinda weird when you think about it." I turn to face Luke. What is he talking about? "You're the only popular who isn't friends with the other populars. Well you're friends with me and somewhat Michael."

"It's not weird. I'm basically a hand-me-down. So I'm technically not popular." He laughs at my attempt to clear it all up.

We get our food and go to our little table outside. Only the popular seniors get to sit out here. I think it's a stupid rule, but I don't get to make them.

I take my usual seat, next to Michael and diagonal from Luke, and Michael and I side hug. We engage into some weird conversation about our fetishes before a certain tanned skin, black haired boy comes and sits next to Luke. What does he want?

"Hey, Eve. So uh, what exactly is this dinner thing about?" Calum asks the question I've been wondering all morning.

"We'll find out tonight." With that he goes to his friends and I'm left with mine.

"What the hell was that?" Michael breaks the silence after a few moments.

"Oh, yeah so Rita planned a dinner that Calum was invited to. I'm gonna crash it. Maybe you and Brandyn can crash too." More the merrier right?

"Sounds fun! Crashing a dinner with heavenly food with my boyfriend. I'm in. Rita makes dinner at six right?" Michael asks me.

"I expect y'all there after school. I can always pick Brandyn up. Y'all can come with."

We agree on all of us going together to pick Brandyn up at his boarding school and then heading over to my house. I make sure to tell them that Jake and Matt are staying with us until Penelope gets her shit together. They get all excited because they know that means we get to babysit. Honestly, babysitting Matt isn't all that bad. We love watching him.

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