In His Shadow

That is a word you use to describe the boring life that I live.
The life that, one day, changed.
Not the way that I planned it to. I didn't expect this change to happen in the first place. I wasn't prepared for my whole world to come crashing down..
That is the word that you can describe my life now.
Because he is always there.
And I'm I that dark place behind him.


4. Smokey Room; First Conversation

After a while, Luke disappeared to the "back room" as they call it. So, Heather and I decided to sit on the couch ourselves. But after 5 minutes of chatting, Michael decides to steal my best friend away by sitting next to her and flirt.

Ashton and Calum are smoking some cigarettes and sipping on God knows what from their red cups. I decided to observe them from afar like a creep. Like Luke, Calum has both sleeves tatted from shoulder to wrist. But he has more colorful tattoos. Ashton has tattoos on his upper arms and around his shoulders. But what really caught my attention was his legs. Since Ashton was wearing shorts, you can see that his right leg was also tatted.

I look over at Michael and I see that he only has his left arm tattooed. I wonder how they have the time to do this on their skin. They seem to enjoy how they look. Even though they look like delinquents, they are the nicest people I've met yet.


Luke's POV

I took my 4th shot of Vodka and I feel the burning sensation running down my throat into my chest. I came here to ask the bartender how much money he collected and I'm pretty happy with the results.

"I see that you're drinking a lot more, Luke." The bartender, Mason, smirks while I take my 5th shot.

I just glare at him and he laughs while pouring me a cup filled with brown liquor.

I take it and head my way back to the stupid VIP room. When I enter, Calum has his arm around this girl and her arm is hooked around this petite girl who looks like she's going to tip over.

"Luke!" Michael yells out my name like he always does.

I observe the girls and realize that the curvier one was staring at my tattoos and lip ring.

So, I decided to see how tough she is.

"Any reason why you're staring?"

She just stands there, shocked about my approach. That black dress she's wearing is tight around her chest. It's probably her friend's dress.

"C'mon Luke, leave the girl be." Ashton smirks and takes a sip from his cup.

I roll my eyes and make my way to the couch. I watch as Calum whispers in her ear and she politely smiles at him. She doesn't notice but he stares at her lips and then her chest. To make the matter worse, he looks over to me and that smirk disappears while he takes off his arm off of her.

What the fuck was that about? Did he really just take his arm off just because I looked at him?

Anyways, I get up and walk to the back room to get a bottled water and my pack of cigarettes.

I'm glad no one was in there fucking or sucking face. As you now know, this is what the back room is used for. I used to have my fun back here but those days were over for months. One of Ashton's family member owned this place but it was abandoned. He decided to open it up for money. It's going to be a bar on the week days and a club during the weekend.

I take the lighter from my pocket and started to smoke. I sigh when Ashton walks in.

"Why are you being a loner?" Ashton closes the door behind him.

"I just wanted a smoke," I mumbled.

Ashton sits on the over used squeaky bed and takes the cigarette from my lips. "Saw the two girls that Calum brought in?"

Curvy and Petite?

"Yeah, why?"

He takes a long drag before answering my question. "I think Calum is trying to fuck Sandra."

I sit there quiet. I remember Calum and I talking about how her ass looked good in those tight jeans that she was wearing while walking under the building bridge. And how Ashton and Michael was loving her feisty friend.

He stands up, "He told me that you liked her."

"When in hell did I ever say that?" I tense up a little. "He always thinks that when I talk about a girl in a certain way."

"I don't blame him," Ash drops the finished cigg on the carpet and steps on it. "You were getting competitive with the lad."

"How?" I roll my eyes.

"I know we were high but don't you remember? You kept saying that she was looking at you and not Calum."

I try to remember that moment but the memory seem to fade even though it was hours and hours ago.

"C'mon, Hemmo. Let's see who will win her over." Ash jokes and we both walk back out to the main room. Michael has his arm around Heather and Calum is knocked out on the other side of the couch. Typical.

The Curvy girl was sitting by the fan. Ha, probably trying to get the smell of cigarette smoke away from her senses.

Not that I care, but she looks miserable. I couldn't help but see that her dress has risen up by sitting on that chair.


"Luke, go for it while Mr. Hood is sleeping." Ashton winks at me and gives me a little push.

Well, here goes nothing.

I walk up to her and her eyes instantly locks on mine.

"Sandra, right?"

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