In His Shadow

That is a word you use to describe the boring life that I live.
The life that, one day, changed.
Not the way that I planned it to. I didn't expect this change to happen in the first place. I wasn't prepared for my whole world to come crashing down..
That is the word that you can describe my life now.
Because he is always there.
And I'm I that dark place behind him.


2. Lunch; Party Time

Entering our dorm room, Heather and I dropped our bags on our beds. I'm pretty sure we are both thinking about the smoking tattooed guys. How they are all attractive without even trying? Not to sound judgemental, but I know they just randomly pick anything to wear and just walk out their dorm rooms without caring.

"Did you hear what the red haired loser said to me?" Heather started off. I knew she was going to talk about the mysterious four boys. And for some reason, I'm glad she did.

"He thinks he's all that with his stupid cigarette," she adds.

"Let me guess," I sighed, "you think he's cute?"

She sits on her bed with silence.

Of course she does. Maybe that is why she wanted to take that "shortcut". To have a better look of him. But I don't blame her. They all look attractive.

"So what if I do?" She giggles and takes off her sandals to lay on her bed. "If it were up to me, I would take the shortcut everyday."

I shook my head and sat at the computer desk to start up my homework. "He seemed to like you too."

"I mean, look at me" She says jokingly and laughs. I just shook my head and smile.

She's right actually. She's not the kind to turn heads actually but she doesn't really have a problem with getting guys. Heather's pale skin suits her. Her freckles marks their territory on her nose and a bit on her cheekbones. Her silky black hair reaches her lower back in layers. 

"The blonde one was staring at you the whole damn time!" She interrupts my thoughts.

"Shh!" I roll my eyes. "No he wasn't, and can we stop talking about this? I have work to do."

"What? He was. And I saw you look back too!"


"Fine, I'll stop." She mumbles. "But can we go get something to eat?"

I look at her and waved my worksheet in front of her to indicate that I have homework. Even though it is Friday, I like to get my stuff over with so I could have the weekend to myself.

"You can start after. Please, let's go to the little diner by the coffee place." She sits up and pouts.

I sigh and got up to get my purse and she cheers behind me was we walk out the room.


"This sandwich tastes amazing!" She takes another bite as I take a bite out of mine.

Heather and I have been roommates since last year. When we first met, to me, she was way too outgoing. She is the complete opposite of me but we often rub off of each other. I learn to speak up, and she learns how to keep to herself.. sometimes.

We sat in our usual seat by the entrance of the diner. Where we can see anybody who walks in and out. Everyone can see us from the outside because we are where the windows are. When I looked at the window, I see a flyer.

"Hey look at this," I leaned in and read the paper out loud so Heather can hear.

New Club Opening!

On Jefferson St. First day of Opening, Friday at 9p.m!

Females are in for free/ Males: $8 entry

"Want to go? It opens tonight!" Heather says with her mouth full.

"Are you serious?" I say as she takes off the flyer from the glass window. "It's stupid that the guys have to pay."

"Jefferson Street is literally two blocks away from our building. And we need to go clubbing for once, right?"

"Well," I start to think. Maybe I should loosen up a little? "Sure."

"Yes!" She continues to read the flyer. "It says that a guy named Ashton Irwin is hosting it."

"Irwin? That name sounds funny."

Heather rolls her eyes at me and we both get up to head back to our rooms again.

"C'mon, Sandra. Time to get sexy!"


I apply the mascara as careful as I can. I take a step back to see myself at the mirror. The black skin tight dress (That Heather forced me to wear) fits a little too well. I'm not as thin and petite as her. Because of my mother's side, my curves screams through this damn dress. It is short sleeved and stops mid thigh. My brunette wavy hair stops a bit past my shoulders and my hazel eyes seems brighter with the eyeliner.

"Here," Heather hands me a black pair of heels and I put them on.

Heather is wearing a high waisted black skirt with a tight white crop top and her black hair is curled to perfection. Red heels covered her feet to match the red lipstick that she's applying.

"I'm nervous." I speak aloud and she puts the lipstick away into her purse.

"Sandra Vega! You are too hot to be nervous! Now, let me get my car keys before you bail on me."

I huffed. "You know that little devil that sits on your shoulder?"


"You're the one that sits on my shoulder with the biggest horns."

"And you're the angel that sits quietly on mine." She smiles.

It's almost 9:30pm and we are almost arriving to the club. The closer we get, the more butterflies in my stomach. I nearly looked at myself in the car mirror 100 times to make sure that I don't look stupid.

Heather parks in the parking lot and from the looks of it, it is almost packed inside.

"And I thought that we were too early." I hear her mumble loud enough for me to hear.

"I.D?" The large security guard asks and we show him. "Go right ahead."

We enter, arm in arm, to a large room filled with half naked girls and drinking guys. The lasers coming from the DJ beams around the whole club and the music pounds hard against my ear drums.

Heather pulls my arm and we sit at the bar. "Woah! This place is awesome!" She yells against my ear. I just give a nod and a thumbs up.

The music starts to get to me and I dance in my seat and Heather joins in; grabbing my hand to dance on the dance floor. I am not really the dancing type but since the club is so dark, I don't feel insecure for once.

Heather grinds her butt against my front and I just laugh to go along with it. Two guys walk up to us to admires the view.

"Please tell us that you guys are a gay couple!" One of them slurs and walks closer.

"No! Back off!" I tell him.

"Make out for us!" The other one laughs and pushes us closer together.

"Not for you, asshole!" Heather grabs my hand and we go back to our spot at the bar.

"Ew, the guys here suck." I say in disbelief.

"I kn--"

"Not all the guys." A deep voice spoke up from behind me. I turn around to see red wild hair.

"Hey, didn't we see you this morning?" I asked without thinking.

"Yeah, you're the stubborn one's friend." He smirks and takes a sip of his drink.

Heather gasps and stands up. "You did not just call me stubborn!"

"Yeah yeah, save the act and follow me. Let's go the the V.I.P room."

"And why should we go with you? We don't even know your name." My room mate crosses her arms.

"Michael" He takes another sip of his drink.

She roll her eyes. "I'm Heather, and this is my roommate, Sandra."

"Lovely," He says sarcastically and finishes off his drink. "Guys want to go to the V.I.P room? It's less obnoxious than out here. Plus, the two guys aren't going to bother you."

"No, it's okay." I spoke for Heather. This guy clearly want to do more that just hang out in that room.

"Suit yourself," He shrugged and walks away. "By the way,"

We both look up to hear what he had to say.

"Luke said that your drinks are on him, Sandra."

He winks and I stared until he walks into the V.I.P room.

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