In His Shadow

That is a word you use to describe the boring life that I live.
The life that, one day, changed.
Not the way that I planned it to. I didn't expect this change to happen in the first place. I wasn't prepared for my whole world to come crashing down..
That is the word that you can describe my life now.
Because he is always there.
And I'm I that dark place behind him.


1. In Class; Under the Bridge.

This is a little hint on how the story is going to be. I did not give away a lot a details but now you know the setting and a bit of the characters. I hope you enjoy :)


I'm in class at the moment.

Paying attention to the professor as usual.

You could say that I'm one of those students who enjoys coming to class. Psychology class actually. A class filled with 59 other students that seem to be going to sleep at the moment. It's crazy because we are only 2 weeks into the semester.

I decided to sit all the way in the back since it's mostly away from everyone. I would sit in the middle of the class but a group of girls decided to sit there to whisper and giggle, which is distracting.

Sitting on the front of the class, forget about it. This professor spits when he pronounces his p's and I do not want to walk out of class with a wet shirt from him standing in front of me lecturing for almost 2 hours. So, that's why I'm in the last row of the classroom. I can concentrate and not feel insecure when most of the class is sitting behind me, watching me. But I'm lucky enough to just have a wall that I can lean on while taking notes.

"Alright class, make sure to study over the weekend because we have a quiz on Monday!" Professor Moss announced to the class. And of course, half of the class sucks their teeth. "Have a nice weekend!"

I gather my stuff to go to my dorm room. My roommate, Heather, works at one of the campus offices. So, like I always do, I'm going to visit. And luckily, it's not that far from my Psychology class.

Center of Student Success is printed clearly on the glass door and my amazing freckled faced best friend sits behind the desk adjusting her glasses.

"Hey!" She shoots me a wide smile. "Thank God you're here. I have terrible news."

"What is it?" I asked the drama queen.

"My ass is being transferred to another office. In the Mercury Building, second floor."

"How come?"

"These bitches hired new people. I have til Monday to gather all of my shit."

Heather, the one girl who has the most sourest mouth..

"That sucks" I responded. "Well, I do have a class in the Mercury building. I can still visit you."

"Here's the dumb part," she sighed, "we have days where we are in the Mercury building, then days where we are-- well, here. In the Main building." She waves her hands around to show that the main building is where we are.

"You're getting confused when that happens" I chuckled.

"You bet I am! I'll get so confused that I am going to just find a corner and cry."

"Stop being over-dramatic, save it for your Theatre class."

"Sandra, shut up." She rolls her eyes playfully and picked up her purse to clock out of her shift.

"You're done for today?" I asked.

"Yeah, I was just waiting for you to walk by."

I nodded and we both walked out of the office to head to our room. Even though it's September, it is still warm out here in New Jersey. No sweaters are needed and that is what I love most about today.

"Let's walk under the bridge, it's faster." Heather grabbed my arm to lead me the way.

We were passing by the garden and see a group of boys smoking by the roses. They all looked at our direction when we were getting close of walking by them.

Four. There's four boys that I've never seen before. Smoking cigarettes. Tattoos all over their arms. Watching us as we walked by.

"Like what you see?" The one with red wild hair called out to us.

"Not really," Heather flips her long black her and huffed.

"Loving the attitude babe" He responds. The rest of the boys laugh and continued to smoke. Heather sucks her teeth and we walk to our building.

I turned around to look at the boys one last time and the one with blonde hair and blue eyes looked back at me and smirked.


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