I Never Thought

That person you love is gone....You just want to see them...hear them...talk to them again...but you just...can't. Unless you...

*this was supposed to be a small poem, but uh...my dark side sorta took over...whoops*


2. Forever

I never thought we would get to play again. The times we would push each other on the swings when we were young.

I never thought we laugh again. Those giggles and chuckles over silly things.

I never thought we would talk again. Those long nights when we just talk until the sun came out under the stars.

I never thought we would meet again. When we would see each other we would always hug and never let go until we left.

I never thought you would leave. You said we would be best friends forever. Yet...you're gone.

Don't worry. I'm coming to find you. You would never break a promise. I'll find you and we can still be best friends forever. ??? ties the rope.

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