Broken Once Again


1. chapter 1

I look around as I wait for everyone in class to be quiet, everyone that hates me. I'm worthless. Stupid. Ugly. Everything about me sucks.

"You may present your project now." Says the teacher.

"As I walk through the halls, I notice everyone staring at me. Not because I'm the prettiest girl in school, not because I'm the most popular one either. Everyone hates me. I never knew why, they just did. I'm Emily Judith Parker, I'm 16 years old. No one ever knew my story. When I was little I witnessed my parents death including my twin Eli. We were on our way to see my aunt in the hospital. She was battling cancer. I was the one that was mostly close to her. It happened all too fast he lost control of the car and we flipped and my mom was thrown out of the car and my dad was killed by the airbag. Eli & I sat there crying and screaming for help for hours. No one could hear us. But a truck had stopped and call 911. As I got older I was bullied." I take a swap breath. I set the paper down and roll up my sleeves. Everyone has tears in their eyes, even the 5 boys that bully me.

"I'm the girl in the story, I have scars. I'm like a broken puzzle piece no one can fix me."

--------- A few years later-------

"Emily Judith Parker!" Yells Lohanthony.

"What Anthony!"

"Come here we need you to help film our video. Since your the only model we have."

I run upstairs to see The fab five.

"Jeez I hate y'all so much."

"But your the only model friend we have."

Did I mention it was 3:30 in the morning? Haha yep it is!

* Ring Ring *

E- Hello? This is Emily Parker.

U- Hi Emily this is Bart, the creator of Magcon. I was wondering if you'd like to join us? We will be in Cali tomorrow for an event and you can come. We would love for you to perform too.

E- Is it ok if I bring the fab five with me? Their youtubers.

B- Of course! The event starts at 7 so be here around 5 ish?

E- I will! But I have to go! I'll see you later?

B- Yes and I'm sorry for calling you this late! I was watching your broadcast and figured it was ok for me to call.

E- Haha yes it was! Thank you so much for inviting me and I'll see you tomorrow!

I hang up and start packing. Soon I lay down and sleep.

---- Next Morning ----

I wake up and start getting ready.

"Morning beautiful!" Says Andrew.

"Hey Andrew, what's up?"

"Getting ready, the fab five are going on tour with a bunch of other youtubers like O2L."

"Oh my gosh! That's amazing! I'm going on your with Magcon."

"Haha have fun with that. They can be jerks sometimes. Also stay away from Taylor Caniff. I heard he's a chic magnet and can break your heart in one second."

"Haha ok! Thanks for looking out for me!"

"Well we do consider each other family! We all do!"

"I know! But come on let's prank them. We have to hurry cause it's already 4 and I have to be there around 5 and I asked if the fab five can come and he said yes. So hurry!"

We get through the pranking now everyone is on their way to the taxi. We all pile in.

"Let's roll!"

-------- At the venue ---------

We walk in and are greeted by some of the guys, 2 of which I know.

"Hi! I'm-"

"Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, and Taylor Caniff. I know who y'all are. I watch y'all's vines all the time." I say.

"Hi! I'm Mahogany."

"Hi I'm Emily Parker. And this is the fab five. Anthony, Jack, Rebecca, Jenn, & Andrew."

"Hi. I'm Bart. And welcome to Magcon!" He says greeting us.

--------- Cameron's POV ---------

I pull Nash aside.

"Dude why does she look so familiar?"

"Do you think that could be THE Emily Parker that we bullied?" Asks Nash.

"I think it is."

"Man if Matt finds out he's gonna flip! Aaron & Hayes too!"

"I know that's why we can't tell them until they realize it."

----- Back to Em's POV -----

"So this is Shawn, Aaron, Hayes, Matt, Carter, the Jacks, & Jacob."

"Hi! I'm Emily. But call me Em." I say smiling. I realize who the youngest is. Baby Hayes, his brother and I were bestfriends up until Eli was taken to a different foster home. I never saw him after that. That's when all the bullying actually happen.

---- Matts POV ----

I stare at her until I recognize who it is. Oh my god, no it can't be! I I thought she was dead!

"Hey I'm Emily, I was wondering would you like to do a collab with me? We can sing together!" Asks Mahogany.

"Omg that would be great!" She says smiling.

"Nash, Cam, we need to talk." I say pulling them towards me.

"What is it?"

"That's Emily. Man I thought she was fucking dead. All these years Man. I thought she was gone, I loved her I didn't mean to bully her. " I say flipping out.

"Hey Matt, calm down. She's alive and well now. She's here, and that's all that we needed to know." Says Cameron.

"Yeah your right."

----- Back to Emily's POV ----

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