The One (Matthew Espinosa)

Emerson is your normal senior in high school, with a crush on Matthew Espinosa. She's known him since she ran away for a hour or so, but what she doesn't know is that Matthew has a crush on her too. Emerson thinks that Matthew doesn't know who she is, but she's wrong. What happens when Matthew leaves for Sunsation? Read to find out!


10. Chapter Ten

Chapter 10

*A Few Weeks Later*

Matthew's POV: I was packing for our first stop in Sunsation and I don't know where we're going first. All I know is that it's out of state and if Emerson wakes up then I have no chance at asking her out.

"Matthew! We have to leave so the. You can get on the tour bus!" My mother yelled.

After she drops me off, she's going back to the hospital. Emerson hasn't woken up yet and I really hoped that she would before I left.

I grabbed my suitcase and walked out to the car.

Emerson's POV: I still couldn't see anything. I really wanted to wake up. I didn't want to die and I want to get over my depression.

"Hey Emerson," I heard Mrs. Espinosa say. "How are you doing? It hasn't been the same in the house without you there. Matt's been down, a lot. He really misses you. Please wake up for his sake."

She held my hand. I didn't know that Matt missed me deeply. I thought he thought that we were just friends. I think he likes me more than a friend.

"Emerson. Go. Be with Matthew. He's the one for you. I will always be with you. In your heart, mind and soul. I love you so much," my mom's voice said to me.

"I love you too mom," I responded to her.

And with that, I saw the light of day. Mrs. Espinosa stood up and looked at me. A nurse ran in, considering Mrs. Espinosa was practically screaming because I was awake.

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