The One (Matthew Espinosa)

Emerson is your normal senior in high school, with a crush on Matthew Espinosa. She's known him since she ran away for a hour or so, but what she doesn't know is that Matthew has a crush on her too. Emerson thinks that Matthew doesn't know who she is, but she's wrong. What happens when Matthew leaves for Sunsation? Read to find out!


5. Chapter Five

Chapter 5

Matt's POV: Emerson rested her head on my shoulder. My mother pulled into our driveway and Emerson was fast asleep. I lifted her up and she mumbled something in her sleep. I couldn't understand what she said, until she said it again.

"I. Love. Matthew," Emerson almost yelled.

I just looked at her, astonished. A smiled slowly formed on her face. She just slept on, as I carried her into the house. My mother helped me get her into my bed. I didn't mind. I mean, I practically saved her life and I'm in love with her. I can handle sleeping on the floor.

Emerson's POV: I awoken in an unfamiliar room. It was Kristen's room. I think it was Matthew's room. His door opened and he walked only a towel covering his lower half. He didn't even notice that I was awake. Matthew walked into his closet and picked out clothes. He then walked out.

"Hm. Interesting that he didn't notice that I was awake...or did but didn't want to say anything," I thought.

I got out of Matthew's bed and decided to change. I slipped on one of Matthew's shirts. It was a clean shirt, that he seemed to have on the floor, along with a pair of shorts. Kristen seemed to have brought in the other things I need. Girl things. I quickly changed and sat down on the bed. I looked down at my reflection on my phone. I hated how I looked. Never liked my face. Some of my hair feel in front of my face. I was about to move it, when someone else did.

I looked up and saw Matthew standing there. He held out his hand and I gladly took it.

"I wanna show you something," Matt said.

We went to his backyard. I think it was around sunrise. I'm guessing six thirty or something close to that time. The sun slowly appeared over the tree line.

"Oh Matthew! This is lovely!" I said.

"I'd knew you'd like it!"

We stood outside together for another half hour. I just couldn't believe the view. It was just amazing.

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