Kidnapped by vampires

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by vampire known as one direction( that's they vampire gang name and one direction is not famous)

Will she fall in love with a vampire?

Will one have feelings for her?


5. chapter 4

Boys pov:

We left Liam with the girl " it's Hannah get it right" niall said that shocked us all " why do u care" harry said sternly " because it's rude to say that okay" niall said " whatever" harry said while rolling his eyes. We were all looking for Hannah and yelling for her but we couldn't find her anywhere.

Hannah pov:

" Liam how do I tell them" I said

" when they get back from looking for you we will tell them together" he said

" wouldn't they be mad at me for hiding" I said concerned

" yes they will but once they know you are one of us they won't" he said

I just smiled and got out of the closet and I just hugged Liam and said " your the best brother ever" " thanks sis" he said with a smile

3 hours later

" Liam their here" I said concerned

" it okay Hannah" Liam said with a smile

They walked in and came in the living room and Liam stood up and said " don't be mad harry and zayn" " why" harry asked and I stood up and faced harry " that bitch didn't escape" he yelled " your happy I didn't kill anyone" I said " what is going on" he asked very confused " well one I am a vampire and second of all Liam is my brother" I said with a smile " what the fuck" he said " yeah and I am proud I am one and I am well Liam can fill you on that later on" I said with a smirk " what is she talking about" zayn asked " you don't know what you got yourself into do you" I asked " what so u mean" he asked " wait and se pretty boy" I smirked

A/n what is going on with Hannah?

What will she do next?

What will happen next?

Comment any ideas for the next chapter thanks guys hope you this chapter!

- comment to be a vampire, or a gf to any vampire:) love u guys comment plz!!!!

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