Kidnapped by vampires

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by vampire known as one direction( that's they vampire gang name and one direction is not famous)

Will she fall in love with a vampire?

Will one have feelings for her?


1. chapter 1

Hannah pov:

I work at a small restaurant in London and I love it here I recently moved here from New Jersey and it's very different from New Jersey, the money, the shops, etc. I have made new friends and they help me with the changes and etc.

" so you going to the party tonight with me and jenn" Andrea asked

" I don't know" I said

" Hannah you have to go it will be fun and there a lot of cute guys there" Andrea said

"Okay fine I will go" I said

" Yayyy, pick you up at 8:00"Andrea said

"Okay" I said and went home.

* skip to time to 7:30*

It was now 7:30 and I was ready to go and so I decided to watched some tv and eat something before Andrea and jenn pick me up. I heard screaming and loud music and I knew it was Andrea and jenn so I get by purse and my phone and get in the car with jenn and Andrea

We arrived at the party and there was loud music, people getting drunk,people making out, cute boys and random people doing very stupid things.

" Hannah come on it's going to be okay" jenn said

" guys I have a bad feeling about this" I said

" well we are going you coming or not" Andrea said

" I Am going to walk home see you in the morning" I said and started walking home

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