My promise to you//5sos fanfiction


1. •intro•

Authors note//

Okay so this is a new story! It's an Ashton fan fiction and to clear things up this starts out where Ashton is breaking up with the girl he loves because of the band rule. Thanks for reading! Xx

•This is my promise to you•

Chapter one

Jessica's point of view.

"No. don't leave me here."

I says while he cups my face with his warm inviting hands as I sniffle a single tear.

"Jess" He begs.

"Please Don't make this any harder then it has to be."

His light brownish blonde curls feel so soft against my head as his deep eyes search mine for a reaction. Any reaction.

I feel paralyzed. Was this happening? Was this real?

"Ash I love-"

He moves back slightly braking all contact.

"Don't say it. You know why I am doing this." he turn his back on me.

I let a tear slip out. Maybe two.

"Ashton." I say grabbing his hand from the behind of him. He turns around and faces me.

"Don't cry. I do not allow you to waste your tears on me Jessie." He strokes my cheek softly sweeping off the tears.

"You know I love you. I always will." He whispers as he looks at me with sadness in his eyes.

"This is...not fair. I hate it!" I yell like a immured child, But I didn't care. I love this boy and a stupid career was braking us apart.

"Me too. Me too. But we all agreed to take the band seriously and things are heating up so we made the deal...also I don't want to risk things getting big and me not having time to give you the love and attention you deserve."

He takes a deep breath as he reaches to scratch his head.

"..I can quit right now-"

I don't even let him finish before telling him that it's not his fault for wanting to follow his dreams.

"Promise me." I say looking into his eyes.

"Anything." He says in a Hush ton as he pulls me close to me.

"Don't forget me...and importantly When you move on...don't try to find me. Don't call me. It will hurt to much." I say laying my head against his chest.

"I promises jess. This is my promises to you."

Years later...

Ashton's pov.


I hear calums calling me grabbing my attention.

"What!" I yell in a reply. I yawn stretching. After last nights performance I came in and went straight to sleep. I feel a slight pain in my back as I notice I feel asleep on top of my phone. Maybe I should post a thank you video on Instagram for the great turn out....

"ASHTION!!" I hear calum call out agin in the small yet comfortable hotel room we were in.

I stand up stretching hearing a few pops. Hope that was a good thing.

I trot over into the kitchen with sweatpants and no shirt. Which it was just calum and the boys so it was normal.

"What? I was trying to slee-"

Calum hold a finger to my mouth.

"Oh just shut up and listen." I do that and try to see what the racket was about. I hear a voice coming from one of the popular radios.

And now..on the pop blends .07 we give you the number one on the top count down. The song that tops the iTunes chart it's....5 seconds of summer amnesia!!!

The voice icon announces over the radio as our song, OUR song plays on the radio broadcasting to thousands of people.

"MICHELLE, LUKE, GET IN HERE!" I yell back as calum is re-acting the lyric video.

I see Michelle stumble in first barley awake but his eyes fly open wide as soon as he hears the song.

"What the hel-"

Luke's next as he comes running in just in time to sing along to his vocal parts While I on air drums.

I take a moment to examine the group. Us all here listening to our music on the radio. After "She looks so perfect" made it big we've been going up. Doing sold out shows and performing at the billboards. I still can't believe we've made it this far.

As the song ends and the boys rush out to get dressed and ready to approach the day I stay behind.

"This is my promise to you."

The words replay in my mind.

'Stop it Ashton.'

My inner voice screams.

It's been years, she's probably already moved on. Does she still remember? Did she forget?

Do you even remember what she looks like? Has she been to one of my shows?

Questions go in and out of my head driving me crazy every second. I haven't really thought about her as much. It's hard when there are 10,000 other girls screaming your name.

You know the saying "you only get one great love in your life?" Slowly everyday I start to believe in it more and more.

Even if I can't be with her. I'll keep her promise till the day that it was meant to be broke.

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