I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


7. Omg What Did I Just Say?

My heart was beating at the highest limits, I couldn't control myself. He finally asked me out.

Then something went into my head, what if he breaks my heart, remember what Lily and Emma and Roger said about boys.

I Don't know what to say," No," I blurted out, he had a sad expression, tears started to roll down my cheeks, I ran towards the double doors, I don't care If people saw me.

I heard All my friends and Matthew yelling my name, I didn't even bother turn around, I ran towards Rogers house, and apparently he was in his car hearing music, I sighed in relief, as soon as he saw me he opened the door.

I hopped into the passenger seat and I closed the door," Go!" I screamed at him and we drove off the school getting smaller and smaller. I started to put on my seat belt when Roger said," What the hell is wrong with you?" he had a worried expression splattered all over his face.

I started to tell him what had happened. I love Roger because he understands me, he is like the boy version of me, and im grateful that I have him as my cousin.

He parks in my drive way, I open the door and walk in to my house. I see Emma watching TV, I don't even bother to say hi, I head upstairs and into my room and I close the door. I jump into my bed, and tears come out, a couple of minutes pass and my bedroom door opens.

"Hey little sis, Roger told me everything," Emma said.

"I just didn't know what to say, what did I just say?" I asked Emma.

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