I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


11. Moving Day

"Please don't go Destiny," said Roger, I look at him and I start to walk towards him and I give him a comforting hug," Roger im sorry but I need to go," I said quietly," I cant stand another day with Matthew around, and I cant afford crying over something that is not true love," I said, tears threating to fall.

"We will miss you Destiny," says Teresa trying to hold in her tears," Stay in touch with us," Joe says, and I nod slowly giving them all a small smile. Well this is the day, the day I leave everything, my friends, my family, my house, my everything. I hug everyone," Maria, you are in charge of the dance group and everything," I say she only nods with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Gabby make sure that there is no trouble lurking around to hurt my friends, I trust you," I say to her and she then starts to sob quietly in Teresa's arm," Roger, my best friend, my cousin, the half of me, take great care of Mariana and my uncle and aunt, I will come soon," I quietly say to him, he nods and gives me one last hug. "Joe, Luis, you two goofballs, remember keep the group together and happy," I say to both of them and hug them," Stephanie remember to keep me updated," I say smiling a little," Teresa, help Gabby out of her shy stage and make sure that no one, and I mean no one separates form this group," I say, she hugs me tightly," Natalie, I hope that you live a wonderful life, you are like a sister to me, Natalie take great care of this group," I say and tears start to fall down my face.

"Destiny, its time to go," Emma says, I turn around to take a great look at my group and I hug them never wanting to let go." I guess this is a good bye, for know," I say and everyone starts to smile.

I go towards my car, and then we drive off, my friends start to get smaller and smaller and they are still waving, then I cant see them anymore, a tear falls down my cheek.

This isn't good bye, I say to myself.


Matthew's P.O.V (Surprise)

I cant stop thinking of Destiny, she always pops in my mind, I cant stop thinking of her. Something in me says that I still have feeling for her, but something else tells me im to late to go back to her.

I walk into school and see every pair of eyes staring at me, that's unusual but I just ignore them and walk towards class. As I walk in I see Roger and Destiny's friends crying their eye balls out, I walk towards them, and as I was about to ask them what's wrong I feel something hard hit my back.

Next thing I know is that im against the wall and that Roger is holding me up from my white Polo shirt collar, I look down at him and see that he is furious, but why? I see Joe and Luis trying to get to me but they are hold back by Natalie, Stephanie and Maria to and that Teresa is trying to get Roger to let go of me.

Finally Roger calms down and lets go of my collar, letting me breath a little, I notice that there is a huge crowd surrounding us.

"What was that for?" I said calmly, then again Roger tries to get to me and chock my life out but Gabby and Teresa are holding him back from preventing him from making a murder scene.

"What was that for?!? What the hell I thought you knew!!" Roger screamed at me his face getting redder and redder from anger," She left because of you!!" he screamed, then some more people from the crowd try to hold him back.

"Wait, what?" I said quietly.

She moved because of me?

Im to late to tell her im sorry, I then feel a hand on my neck that's when everything went black.

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