I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.



So im sorry if I haven't been updating in this story, its just well im working in my other stories and im trying so hard to write in this one but I cant for know.

So you people be patient with me ill be updating soon enough, maybe tomorrow but im not making no promises.

Anyways ill be updating NOT MY LOVER, BUT MATE soon because people love that story.

In this story I will make it longer (If I can) so don't worry, I didn't give up in this story, I will be updating soon....

I really need to change the cover don't I??? xD

Okay that was the announcement.


Also the announcement was to also look at the new book TRYING TO BECOME PERFECT, I hope you do read it see yeah.

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