I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


9. Great Feeling

As I walk towards the door I stop and I fix my hair quickly and I straighten up my baby blue tank top with black shorts, I put my hand on the door knob, expecting Matthew to be there, but when I start opening the door I see Axel and Lily and then they start hugging me.

I start looking at them confused, I was expecting Matthew but my little brother and big sister were the ones there. I just sigh and they pull away from me," we are so sorry sis," they both said, I smile," Its okay," I say patting their backs.

"Oh hey guys your here," my sister says with a huge grin, I look at her confused trying to figure out what is she so happy about," Hey sis," Axel and Lily say at Emma, "Mmmh I smell something delicious," Axel says while closing his eyes and sniffing the air like a dog, I laugh slightly.

"Those are brownies, skittles brownies," I say proudly putting my hand on my heart, everyone starts laughing and I join in. We all start walking towards the kitchen, eating all the brownies," Wait you still haven't had dinner and we are eating dissert?" Emma says, transforming into mother form," Omg please turn back to Emma mode!" I whine, Emma start chuckling," No more brownies, know go brush your teeth and to bed you go," said Emma with a serious face, I don't complain because you do not want to mess with her when she is serious.

Emma starts clapping her hands and she starts saying," Chop Chop," I roll my eyes and I start going upstairs, I take one last glimpse at Emma and see that she is grinning like a maniac, umm okay weird, I start going up the wooden stairs, I walk inside of my room and I don't bother on turning on the lights and I head straight to my bathroom. I grab my purple toothbrush and grab the toothpaste, putting the toothpaste on my toothbrush, I start brushing my teeth furiously. When im finish I spit it out and I start washing away with water. I start to look for my drawer but then trip over my shoes that are laying there in the floor, I give a frustrated  'Ugh' and I start walking towards the door to find the light switch. After a few minutes of my hands wondering around the wall I find the light switch and I switch it on.

When I start to turn around I see a bouquet of roses in a vase sitting on top of my drawer, I walk forward and I start to touch the white and red roses, my favorite flowers, I look behind me to see Emma leaning on the wall, she has a huge smile on her face, and a smile starts forming on mine too. I see a card sticking out and I grab it.



Dear Love,


                        I love you and I hope you don't reject me again, will you be my girl friend and make me the happiest guy on earth?



I start to smile like an idiot, I look out the balcony door to find Matthew standing outside my balcony, I walk towards him and I open the balcony door," Does this answer your question?" I say and I start to lean forward he also starts to lean over, and next thing I know is that his soft warms lips are against mine, I feel sparks, I put arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my waist, then our lips start to part away when I feel a hand on my arm pulling me away from his soft warm lips, I look up and see Emma, I give her a death glare, how dare she ruin my first kiss, yes its my first kiss.

"Okay you two love birds I think you two should get some rest," my sister says in her mother tone, I turn around to see Matthew smiling, I smile too and he gives me a quick peck before he starts to climb down the tree next to my balcony.

I fall in my bed smiling," Destiny you better get some sleep, you don't want to look horrible for your 'boyfriend'," she says, I start to laugh, she away closing the door in the process. The guy of my dreams is my boyfriend already even though I only knew him for two weeks I feel like I know him forever. I smile and I start to get tuck into my bed, and then I start to fall in a deep sleep.


I wake up with three people singing," My sister has a boyfriend," I open my both my eyes to find Emma, Lily, and Axel, singing and singing non-stop and hopping around like crazy, I start to laugh and they start to look at me, I roll my eyes playfully at them and I start to head over to the bathroom to shower.

I start to run the water, while the water runs I start to strip off my clothes, I get in feeling the hot water tapping on me, I relaxed. Everything was perfect just perfect, I saw my world clearly and everything was just so right.

I grab the shampoo pouring some in my palm and putting it all over my hair closing my eyes in the process, I wash out all the dirt and everything else in my hair then when im finally sure its clean I wash it off, I then start to put body wash making my body squeaky clean, and finally there comes the conditioner.

I start to turn off the water and I grab a towel drying myself quickly and putting it around my body. I step out of the shower, droplets falling down to the floor and making small puddles. I step out of the bathroom and find no one there, I make sure that my door is locked and that the balcony door is also locked and covered up with the curtains. I walk over to my walk-in-closet and I pick out a  small black leather jacket, white crop top that only reaches to my belly button, I then grab a wavy black skirt that covers up to my belly button and reaches a little above my knees, I grab black high heel lace wedge high top ankle boots, and I grab 3 black and white bracelets from my jewelry box, I walk up to my drawer grabbing a white strapless bra and black panties, with black and white socks.

I quickly put them on, I start to look at the clock showing that it is 7:20, wait OMG I have a lot of time. I walk to the bathroom and grab my hair blow dryer and I start to dry my hair. By the time I am done I go downstairs and see the clock showing that it is 7:38. I quickly grab my backpack and put it on my shoulder and I grab the pop tart that Emma made me, I give her a quick hug and I wave good bye, and again I see her with a huge smile on her face.

I just shrug it off and I go outside to find myself a white Camaro, OMG this is the car of my dreams, I turn around to find Emma holding the keys of the car, and then she drops them in my hand," Its all yours," she says, I start to smile and I hug her tightly, I then run to my new car and I hop into the drivers seat, I start the engine, and I back away from the driveway, I see Emma giving me a thumbs up, and then she starts to get smaller and smaller form the distance.

I am at school and I park my car close to Rogers car, I see that they barely came, I open the door and get out of my precious car, I think I will call it Ed. Anyways I walk towards Roger, Lily, Axel and Mariana, they are getting out of the car and they start singing 'My sister has a boyfriend' and then Roger and Mariana start to sing 'My cousin has a boyfriend'  I start to laugh and they join in with me laughing away.

"Oh shut up guys," I say while slapping their arms playfully," I see you got a new car, and its amazing!!" Mariana and Axel say," Maybe ill give you a ride in it," I say smiling, Axel gets really excited and starts to hop up and down, he loves cars and he still hasn't stop loving them even though he is a sixth grade.

"Come on guys we are going to be late," I say, they all raise their eye brows," And since when were you so concern of being late?" ask Roger, I roll my eyes," Oh shut up and lets go," I say, I start to push Roger but I only push him like an inch. I start to walk in the school next to Roger, then here comes everyone else, the whole group is here, but Matthew is not here, hmm wonder where he is, anyways I walk towards my locker, my friends start to say things about me and Matthew, and they already know that me and Matthew kissed and we are dating, wow they catch on so fast... Stalkers.

I start to shoo them away and they leave me in peace, they start to disappear in the crowd, I then feel hands covering my eyes," Guess who," A familiar voice says in my ear, I shiver and smile," Hmm I really don't know, is that you John," I say with a slutty voice, he then takes off his hands off my eyes," Who is John," he says, while balling up his hands into fist, I start to laugh, there is no John, yup he is one of those over protective boyfriends," What are you laughing about," he says in a husky voice, I start to laugh more, I clench my stomach and I start to calm down," Oh my gawd you should of seen your face it was priceless, and there is no John, I was joking," I say, holding his hands.

"Haha very funny he says," he says, I giggle, I give him a quick peck on his lips," Yes it is very funny, know come on lets go before we are late," I say to him while closing my locker.



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