I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


3. Coughing Out My Feelings

~~"Umm....umm," Is I could say to them, then I started to cough uncontrollably, what was wrong with me, Joe and Luis stood up and they both started to pat my back, I held on to my throat coughing, then it suddenly stopped," Umm are you okay?" Luis asked, I nodded," I think I just swallowed a fly or something," I said to them, Joe and Luis both nodded and sat back down, when I looked around the room everyone was staring at me," What don't you have something to do?" I say.

Gosh, I love Matthew and he likes my best friend, why, why do you have to do this to me god? I walk towards my friends, all of them having a confused face, I just snap my fingers at them and I roll my eyes, Natalie looks at me," I swallowed a fly, okay," I whispered to her, that's when the teacher came in.

--After School--
I was sitting on my favorite tree waiting for my cousin to come out the double doors, I see Matthew, Joe, And Luis walking towards me, I sit up straight, as they come closer and closer I feel my heart beating faster and faster," Hey Destiny, can you do me a favor and tell me some stuff of Natalie since your like her best friend and all," Matthew said, That's when my heart started to break, you could hear it break form miles and miles away,"Umm, hmm, okay, well lets see she was a cheerleader," I said to him, he just smiled," A cheerleader that nice," he said.

"Anything else?" I asked Matthew, he shook his head," Thank you Destiny, and Also can you like find out if she likes me?" he asked, I nodded, and they started to walk away, I stood up and saw Roger coming out, I wave at him and he comes towards me, then again I start coughing uncontrollably, my cough echoed threw the whole school, Roger started to pat my back furiously, then again I immediately stopped coughing," What was that?" Roger asked with a worried expression written all over his face, I just shrug and we walk towards his car, I see my my siblings an my little cousin, I say Hi to all of them and I slip into the passenger seat.

Again the coughing started, I couldn't stop coughing and I couldn't control it, I coughed and coughed almost running out of breath, By then I was gasping for air, everyone started to pat my back, their faces had a worried expression and confused one, I shook my head not wanting to tell them nothing. We drove straight home, awkward silence  in the car for the whole ride home.

I got out of the car and walked straight to the door, as I walked in I hear my sister telling me hi, but I ignore her, I walk upstairs and into my room, I slam the door shut and I start to cry I slid down the door. What are you doing to yourself Destiny. That's when the coughing came back I started to cough uncontrollably again, I laid in the floor coughing and coughing, till my 2 sisters and my brother came in they were patting my back trying to make the coughing stop, I couldn't stop, I started to see black dots, and then everything went black.

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