I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


15. Chapter 14

"Is it possible to eat a whole rock?" Josie ask, for some reason she is asking the dumbest things about rocks that I have heard of, she is also driving all of us crazy.

"I wish I could throw a rock at her right know," Emily mutters annoyed, everyone shakes their heads agreeing.

"Who knew that when she is drunk it take her more than a day to stop being drunk," I mutter covering my ears from Josie's blabbing mouth. "Next time we have a girl's night out make sure that Josie doesn't drink any beer," Desree whispers quietly.

"Oh my gosh!! Will you shut the fudge up!!" Maria exclaims out loud while rubbing her head like she has had a headache," Fine, you are no fun," mutters Josie loudly enough for us to hear, I turn around and see her pouting while slouching.

"Alleluia," Teresa says raising up her hands in the air and her face looking up at the ceiling, I chuckle.

"Finally Miss Blabber mouth is quiet, know what are we going to do today," Stephanie says looking at me directly in the eye," Umm, I guess we can swim in the pool," I say shrugging.

"OMG, lets do that," Stephanie says jumping up and down in excitement, that is just the preppy girl I always knew.

"I think I have some bikini's for you to wear," I say while pointing at the bottom drawer," Nobody move me and Maria are going to pick for you so shoo," Stephanie says while pushing us out the door with Maria's help.

"But this is my room," I say," I don't care," Maria says while shutting the door in my face.

"Rude," I mutter.

"Wait, wait, whoa, did we... did we just let Stephanie and Maria pick our clothes," says Gabby, all of our eyes go wide.

Everyone starts to pound on my bedroom door and we all start to yell 'Let us in' but still no answer, and the horrible thing is that my bedroom door doesn't have that key thing to open it incase if I get locked out of my room.

"Oh no no no no, this... this is bad," I say.

"How did we not think of this 5 minutes ago," says Emily.

"I hope my bikini is rocks," Josie says while giving us a goofy grin.

"Umm... okay," everyone says while backing away from Josie.

"What are we going to do know then," Natalie questions.

"We can just refuse not to wear them and stand steal until they give up," I answer.

"Yeah we can do that," Teresa says.

~A couple of minutes later~

(here are the Bikinis of all the girls)


                                                                 (Gabby's Bikini)




                                                                (Desree's Bikini)



                                                                (Destiny's Bikini) 



                                                                (Emily's Bikini)



                                                               (Josie's Bikini)




                                                                (Maria's Bikini)





                                                           (Stephanie's Bikini)




                                                                 (Teresa's Bikini)



                                                             (Natalie's Bikini)


"Eww, I look like a slut," I whine," No you don't you look hot and sexy," Maria says while looking at me satisfied.

Stephanie and Maria convinced us to wear these bikini's because they got a hold of all of us, and when I mean a hold of us I mean they are got a video of me and everyone, they threaten to put it on YouTube and show it to the whole world, so that's how they convinced us to wear these slutty bikini's except for Emily she has a regular bikini, I don't even know how they got these bikini's I don't even had these, they are starting to creep me out.

"I think I look hot and sexy I like this," Josie says, oh but if she wasn't drunk she will scream and kill Stephanie and Maria.

"Okay guys lets go," say Stephanie while clapping her hands together, everyone groans except for Josie of course.

"Do we really have to," I whine, Maria and Stephanie only roll their eyes," Come on guys lets just go, so stop being baby criers and lets go, or do you want me to show the video," she smirks, we all shut up and run out of my bedroom.

"What could happen I mean it is only us right," Natalie says, we all say 'yeah' and we shrug.

When we go downstairs I just want to die, they set us up on a trap, I should of known that Stephanie and Maria will do such a thing.


OMG what do you think Stephanie and Maria did?

I think that all of Destiny's friends are going to kill Stephanie and Maria in the next chapter, anyways I hope you enjoyed and I am sorry I have not been updating in a while but I did update so you are welcome. This has still not been Edit for your info.

Love you all!





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